Ministry of land: it is necessary to levy a real estate tax.

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original title: Ministry of land: it is necessary to levy real estate tax.

2017, December 26th, the Key Laboratory of land and resources strategy research held an academic conference on the theme of "real estate tax design and real estate registration" in the Ministry Information Center.

America Silas cuse university professor Hou Yilin, Department of real estate registration center researcher Wang Jianwu and the Ministry of information center researcher Jia Wenjue were "China real estate tax levy: design reasons, the tax factor, implementation strategy and effect of simulation", "Hongkong real estate tax analysis and mainland China's real the construction of the estate tax system" and "the national real estate registration information management infrastructure platform" report.

has the practical necessity to improve the tax system, improve the quality of public service supply, promote the transformation of land finance and the balanced and coordinated development of the real estate market. real estate tax levy must handle the principle of fairness and efficiency, the real estate registration information management infrastructure platform data as the basis, a clear positioning scope and function of real estate tax, to prevent the harm the stability of the financial system, causing volatility in the real estate market risk.

America Silas cuse University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Department of information center, Department of real estate registration center and the Ministry of relevant departments of cadres more than 20 delegates attending the symposium.

12, Xiao Jie, the Minister of finance, published the article entitled "accelerating the establishment of a modern financial system (conscientiously studying and publicizing the nineteen spirits of the party") in the people's daily. In the deepening of the reform of the tax system, improve the local tax system ", Xiao Jie pointed out, to perfect the direct tax system: in accordance with the" legislation first, fully authorized, step by step "principle, promote the real estate tax legislation and implementation. The real estate tax should be levied according to the evaluation value for industrial and commercial real estate and individual housing, and the tax burden of construction and transaction links should be reduced appropriately, and a modern modern real estate tax system should be established step by step.


first real estate tax, real estate tax difference is quite big difference,

real estate tax

we can see as the sum of taxes on the three links of real estate acquisition - circulation - preservation. The countries of the real estate tax levy is generally in the three aspects:

which has links including real estate land acquisition, real estate development;

transfer refers to the transfer of real estate, gift, inheritance;

refers to retain continuously owned real estate property.

three tax Fu equilibrium is the healthy development of real estate guarantee. In different countries and regions, their names are different. Some are called "property tax", "real estate tax" or "real estate tax".

property tax

narrow property tax is "individual housing property tax", is in the 3 aspects of the "ownership", is for the individual housing owners or users each year by a certain percentage of the value of property assessment levy a tax, is the local government the common source of income.

the former has a wide range, and there are many specific taxes. The latter is the most concern of everyone.

literally, the real estate tax of Xiao Chang mainly focuses on the taxes that are levied on the preservation link of the house, which is charged to the people who have the house in hand. If the levy is made, industrial and commercial real estate and personal housing shall be paid according to the "assessment value", while "appropriately reducing the tax burden on construction and trading links".

reduce tax on construction and trading, and increase the tax on the ownership of the house. That is, the will reduce the tax on "gain and transfer" and increase the "Insured" tax.

Will the

control be loose?

Wang Menghui, Minister of housing and construction of

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