The child asked a question, many parents can not answer, only she answered!

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A video of

has been spread on the Internet, and there's a lot of people crying:

In a vegetable farm in

in Thailand, mother and daughter are living in their lives to sell vegetables.

this day, her mother asked her daughter, "what are you looking at?"

girl returned to God and turned her head and asked, "Mom, why is the bean sprout so good?"

Under the

curiosity, the girl found that her own stall business did not sell bean sprouts, and the heart was in doubt.

mother heard, a grin without thinking, replied: "because only a stall selling sprouts ah!"


girl was especially smart and thought a good idea, and said, "can we sell it, too?"

interestingly, mom didn't think the idea of a child was too naive, nodding and promised, " uh!" Let's try! "

children's curiosity caused little problems, like a little starlight that suddenly blazed in the night sky. Her mother injected her with energy to make it bright.

does not know what the bean sprouts should be, but it seems to be the mother's usual style. The materials are soon ready to be complete, and the mother and daughter are filled with soil and sowing together.

but the first and second "try", the bean sprouts were killed and dead. The daughter was filled with anxiety and asked her mother:


succeed next time?

don't know. Let's try it!

The mother of

, who dropped out of school in grade four, found a Book of bean sprouts. Don't read her daughter together and read every single word or phrase planting method, and in accordance with the method of planting sprouts again.

has no culture, and illiterate does not affect the mother's education for children. Her strength is to listen carefully to the child's problem and to look for the answer with the child.

third bean sprouts, mother was inspired by the drop of water on the raining day of the old roof, collecting the waste, the homemade "drip leak" device. The bean sprout has a continuous supply of water, and finally it breaks out. Their own family has planted bean sprouts, and the child's curiosity has been greatly satisfied.

is curious when it stands on the scores and rankings and is interested in the stars at the top and the dust at the feet.

's mother teaches the child how to do it and to satisfy his curiosity.

adult daughter said, "my mother said" we try to "like a magic fertilizer, raising my curiosity, help me to the" tree of knowledge "with luxuriant foliage."

this kind of bean sprout things, later in the children's growth, learning to play a great role. girls have now completed their studies to get scholarships and carry out scientific research work in Sweden.

's great mother and her way of education can't be lost.

curiosity, conquered the impossible.

curiosity is the source of children's progress.

I, what will destroy the curiosity of the child,

the importance of curiosity can be seen. However, in life, there are too many parents to inadvertently destroy the rich curiosity of their children.

What does

parents destroy the curiosity of their children? Let's take a look at:

(1) likes to make too many "injunctions" for children.

some parents are afraid to bump into their children, or fear the child's destruction, so they warn their children "not to do this, not to do that." For a long time, children's thoughts and behavior was bound to live, only to tell parents.


new year received a cool grandma sent a toy car, he is crazy, really want to know is how to run up the toy car. While mom and dad went out to the supermarket, he took up his father usually with gadgets, toy car to dismemberment. After this is known to mother, the bean bean was severely reprimanded, and said, "so expensive toys are going to be broken. It's enough!"

's more expensive toys are not worth mentioning in terms of protecting their children's imagination. However, the Dou Dou doesn't seem to understand this.

(2) answers the child's question by using the obscure theory.

children always seem to have "one hundred thousand why" in their small heads. When children ask questions, some parents use their children to listen to the obscure words that they can't understand.

one evening, I took a walk in the Central Park

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