Students must know! The most valuable free resources of American university campuses, which can not be exploited, can be lost.

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original title: students must know! The most valuable free resources of American university campuses, which can not be exploited, can be lost.

for foreign students, studying in the United States, whether it is learning or life is not a small challenge. How to adapt to the new learning and living environment? The annual tuition fee of 20-30 million is not only for the students to enjoy the high quality education, but also the multiple resources in the school can not be missed!




library is more than a place for self-study. The school library has a huge library of books and papers. Meanwhile, the general school library will share resources with many other school libraries, and will also purchase many academic resources website access for professors and students. Don't belittle these papers. If it's not for student ID, the price of downloading a paper from several dollars to tens of dollars will be a huge expense.


writes paper, it might as well go from googlescholar to the school library's website and search for related books or papers you want. in addition, the library can also borrow textbooks and other learning university quality method etc..

International Students & Scholars Office


of the International Student Office

ISSO is not only the place where I-20 is issued, but any questions about international students can be helped here, including OPT, CPT, and international student search.

ISSO has special services for international students, familiar with the needs of international students, and solving problems. At the same time, workshop also provides the necessary guidance and assistance for international students to understand the latest relevant policies.

Legal Service

legal advisory service

, if many people do not know that the original school also provides Legal Service, the so-called Legal Service, refers to the legal advisory services. No matter what the scope is involved, schools can provide legal assistance to analyze the success rate of the case.

the general student may bring the lawsuit is to buy the car to cause the dispute, or is unreasonable by the police to open the ticket and so on.

Health Care

your medical insurance is here with


school will force foreign students to join the insurance. The cost of insurance varies from school to school, some of which cost more than 800 dollars per semester, and only more than 200 dollars in a semester. It depends on how the school and business people sign up, what coverage the insurance covers.

general insurance does not include ophthalmic and dental, but if the school is one of the employees, such as paid scholarship, such as TA (Teaching Assistant) or RA (Research Assistant) or PA (Project Assistant), these people's insurance costs almost by the school to pay, also contains ophthalmic and dental, however see the school's GEO (Graduate Employee Organization) organization is to strive for rights and.

in addition to illness to see the doctor, the school hospital also provides smoking cessation, abstinence consultation service, women's psychological and physiological consultation lectures, pressure elimination lectures and so on. There are also vaccinations for the prevention of colds, with a student discount of about $20. For students who first experience cold life in the United States, it may be possible to consider vaccinations.

The Counseling Center

psychological counseling service center

students to American universities will be more or less because of the language barrier and habits of life experience cultural differences is not a small conflict, feel lonely and depressed, if you feel pressured, lonely or depressed, you should not hesitate to seek the help of the teacher of school psychological, emotional problems cause analysis.

American university psychological counseling center is the most common student service center, but it is often ignored by foreign students. When students are not mentally able to adapt themselves to American learning and life, they must seek help from teachers.

Writing Center

> to modify the article is not afraid of

in the United States, no matter what professional you are, there are 2 things that you need to pay great attention to: one is how to query the data, and the two is the writing format of the article. Query data is not an input keyword query on Google or Yahoo, but an orthodox query database and annual published academic survey data. The format of writing articles is very important. Different periodicals have different format requirements. They need to follow these formats in writing resume, reading plan and memorandum.

many Americans have actually written problems, whether does, or format. So the revised article service provided by the Writing Center in the school can help you solve this

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