No matter what the future will develop into what age are rewarding the learner!

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original title: no matter what the future will develop into what time is the reward will learn


can often see such an advertisement in the subway of Shanghai: "the world is being cruel to punish the people who do not change", which reveals the secrets of this era properly.

for most people, learning is their way of changing their fate. This era is always open to people who will learn to love learning.

around me, some people stopped studying after finding a safe job after graduation from university. In their eyes, Secretary note seems to be only a habit of students. In society, it is more and more far away from these things.

learning and non - learning people can't see it two days a day, and the gap will be obvious for two years and two years.

many people find a job which is not professional after graduation, but some people get mixed up because they know how to learn, so they are not eliminated by society.

writer Long Yingtai said to his son, "I ask you to study hard, not because you want to compare with others, but because I hope that you will have your own right to choose in the future, and have time to work instead of being forced to make a living."

study hard and learn some skills does not necessarily make you a millionaire, but at least allows you to choose a job you like, so that you can see clearly the way ahead, instead of being forced to let work choose you.

1. our thinking has a cognitive misconception,

do you ever feel underappreciated, bad luck? In a word, there are some external obstacles that make your life not so good. So, what do you think is the biggest obstacle to your development? Is it an IQ? Luck? Family? Or a university?

this question, everyone has the answer in mind, but my opinion may not be the same as most people.

I think our idea is the biggest obstacle to development compared to factors such as ability, luck, IQ and so on.

our past shapes our present self, and any judgment we make is mostly based on previous experience. But our thoughts also have a blind point of thinking.

when we were studying at school, teachers and elders have been instructing us to study well, and we will find a good job with high income and stability in the future. Everyone was encouraged to go to a regular, unimaginative life without a risk, and it was brainwashed for a long time. When you feel that you have to live this life in your life, the brain is naturally imprisoned, and the possibility of change is lost.

I'm not opposed to such a life. I want to show that everyone lives in stress, anxiety and depression. We follow the rule of not knowing who it is, and live cautiously day after day, just like a subway which has been well established and cannot deviate. Naturally, we can't talk about our thoughts or goals, and how can we talk about changes?

The way

is innate in our minds is hampering our progress.

2. learning can modify inherent error cognition

the world is complex and changeable, the human cognition is always restricted, and all people have the blind spot in the mind.

laughed, and the teacher told him such a thing: a friend of mine saw that he had made money in investing, praised him for being prescient, and regretted that he hadn't thought of it. The teacher had to laugh and laugh, but couldn't answer, because it could make the other person feel uncomfortable. But the fact is that the reason why they are different now is not what they are causing now, but the difference between the first two people's ideas and the accumulation of time.

had a chat with friends in the group and talked about how to deal with the work. Friends say the company has a colleague who has no interest in the job and holds "the attitude of a monk one day," and the leader is dissatisfied with the employee. In fact, the reason why the leader is dissatisfied is that the way of thinking is completely different between the leaders and the two people. Leadership is a "entrepreneur mentality", and this employee is a "worker mentality". The difference between the two is: the former is the most important and the latter is more important. The former pays more attention to the total income of the company, and the latter pays more attention to the direct income of the individual. Compared with the breakthroughs and development of the company, the daily afternoon tea or a monthly bonus incentive makes him happier.

has a lot of people in life with such a state of mind, just to go to work day and day to repeat the same kind of life. I'm not advocating that you should make full blood to go to work, work, work at ease, comfortable to earn money for the family, happy and happy is not what is not good. But if you are dissatisfied with your own situation and want to seek a change, that mentality is pretty scary, because the comfort zone doesn't make a big difference to life.

From: 不管未来会发展成什么样,时代都是犒赏会学习的人!
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