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according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on December 26th, the 34 year old Russian woman Irina (Irina Kozlova) and her boyfriend Yevgeniy (Evgeny Markov) was prepared to spend a romantic night, who knows when Irina closed his eyes and anticipation, waiting for her boyfriend to surprise yourself when her boyfriend was stabbed 88 times.

is reported that Irina is a beautiful skiing skateboard. After divorce, she started dating her boyfriend, Yevgeniy. Not long ago, Yevgeniy suddenly said that he wanted to surprise her and let Irina choose a quiet place, and the two could create romantic memories together.


Irina chose a small village in Siberia, with a beautiful view of the whole Yenice river. The same day, she drove a car with my boyfriend came here, Yevgeniy asked Irina to close your eyes and wait for the "surprise", Irina full of expectations was done. But at the moment she closed her eyes, she was not a beautiful gift, but the cold knife of her boyfriend..A few days after

, Irina's body was found in her car by the local villagers. After forensic forensics, Irina had a total of 88 knives, many of them fatal. Once the beautiful body was cut in fragmentary and disastrous.After the

police investigation, the suspect Yevgeniy was locked up and the arrest was carried out. When the police found him, he was still dining quietly in the dining room.

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Yevgeniy confessed to killing Irina, he told the police, he is just a wash Turner, but when Irina has claimed he is a successful businessman, only to be worthy of a beautiful girlfriend. But Irina quickly saw his lie, and began to laugh at him intentionally or unintentionally. Angry Yevgeniy this move to kill, to have the love of his girlfriend had committed such a cruel crime.

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From: 女子闭眼等惊喜遭狂捅88刀 只因嘲笑“富豪”男友是洗车工
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