Caramel rotten Street purple is not true? Dry rose color is my favorite!

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dry rose color

the popular Pantone UV violet is so long since I don't know if you have bought, noble and mysterious purple looks very beautiful but very difficult to wear more than a leopard seals Jun Tucao too, but the yellow skin and not friendly! But today the seal recommends a romantic and elegant color: dry rose color.

dry rose color, as the name suggests, is the color of roses appearing dry and withered. Not so bright and tender, on the basis of the original rose color, and some yellow system, and the whole color is less saturated.

fashion circle gives it a tender, blurred name - dry rose color. Is not to listen to the name feel super romantic, super soft, moreish? The ultimate romantic color, is like a funeral funeral and decadent but reluctant to lose love, let a person obsessed with dismay (the boast of the leopard, thank you).

dry rose color with a withered beauty, but women can attack gas, low and high profile. Low saturation, white, black skin, yellow skin is also very friendly, gentle, with a texture, can bring great warmth to this autumn and winter.

Red Brown, pink color, tea, partial bare red bean, belong to dry rose category, this color has been used in a large area Home Furnishing products and beauty products, of course, can not give up the luxury fashion natural high color, after all warm and romantic color, who do not want to wear?

cuckoo before participating in activities, choose the color of the dried rose sweater, partial pink sweater with two shades lighter satin skirt collocation, retro lip and retro red high-heeled shoes, casual sitting is elegant and gentle himself. Gas field.

Gao Yuanyuan attended the event, a dry rose colored dress collocation, the same color of the lip, the lover is like a dream, like drunk people.

Liu Wen, a dry rose colored dress, filming ELLE movie is simply more beautiful than the rose, and the cousin's air field is tender at once.

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