The 2017 most Cup story: 50 thousand dollars at the beginning of the year, and now it has lost 20 thousand

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original title: 2017 most Cup story: 50 thousand dollars at the beginning of the year, now lost 20 thousand

2017. Over the past year, there are many ways to make money. For example, you like to drink, so you bought the stock of Guizhou Moutai. You blow GREE's air conditioner, so you bought GREE stock. You live in Vanke's house, so you bought Vanke's stock.

but lose money, you are not familiar with bitcoin, but the high starting results over the past week, bitcoin fell 40%; you are not familiar with the gem technology firms have bought their shares of ; for example, at the beginning of this year, you listen to those who sing empty RMB voice, for $50 thousand, then to today, you have lost nearly 20000 yuan......

today, the RMB will break 4 juncture

, at the end of last year, under the strong dollar, the pressure of RMB depreciation was huge. It fell to 7. At that time, the trend of RMB exchange rate in 2017 was 7, 7.5 and 8, or 9.


Chinese vision

in a generally empty environment, many people in early 2017 hastened to the bank to change 50 thousand dollars. By the end of the year, however, those who had changed the dollar had lost their money.

, today (December 25th), the RMB continues to rise, and the onshore RMB has broken 6.57, 6.56, 6.55 and 6.54 of the four integer points, and it has risen more than 350 points in the day, refreshing the new high since September 15th.

offshore RMB rose more than 200 points in the day, and also refreshed the new high for three months.

has risen more than 4000 points on the shore since the end of 2016. If this exchange rate is calculated, will last 50000 dollars at the end of last year, which is equivalent to 347 thousand and 100 yuan RMB, and today, 50000 yuan is only 326 thousand and 700 yuan, which has lost 20 thousand yuan in one year.

but the actual swap is according to the RMB exchange rate announced by the central bank. At the end of last year, the RMB exchange rate is $1 for 6.9370 yuan, and this morning, the central bank announced exchange rate showed $1 to 6.5683 yuan , this calculation, in early January this year end exchange 5 dollars, now will lose 18 thousand yuan, and in view of the onshore renminbi rose, the RMB exchange rate tomorrow (December 26th) the middle price may also increase.

, unlike last year's dollar boom, has rebounded for the majority of the world's major currencies against the dollar this year.

for today and most recently the RMB rose, foreign experts will Han Shi believes that the approaching the end of the year, enterprises of various expenditure requirements including bonuses increase, short-term foreign exchange settlement surplus concentration lead to sudden increase is understandable.

second, to bank proprietary disk based institutional investors holding dollar will decline, resulting in the inter-bank market for the dollar sell-off, rose through the 6.60 point integer in RMB, subject to further stimulate the market sentiment, institutional investors hold the dollar will further decline, falling at the same time market liquidity, then even a small amount of dollar selling can also lead to greater appreciation of the rmb.

in addition, United States tax reform bill last week finally got by both houses, but because the market worried that the U.S. economy has little effect on tax boost, but also may bring the government deficit pressure, did not bring the expected tax through the good, the dollar index is still not effectively boost.

RMB is trying to break the "dollar hegemony"