2017 air change: Live iffy, short video of brilliance?

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original title: 2017. Change: Live iffy, short video of brilliance?

said that if the 2016 short video industry is still shrouded in live halo, then in 2017, a short video has become the protagonist of entertainment on the track of brilliance.

| author Liu Yanqiu

Wu Yangyu

2017, the live industry ended the slightly bleak year of the year with an unexpected news.

12 on the evening of 15 August, Shunya announced announced the termination of the acquisition of Ying ke. At this point, continued for more than six months and reflecting off the recombinant xuanya international have a conclusion.

from the outbreak of the 2016 spring festival visitors, to the subsequent capital enclosure, the thousand broadcast wars, and then to the big companies online live broadcast business. The live broadcast of the red tape became the well deserved draught of the entertainment industry in 2016. But when it entered 2017, the key words of the industry became "shuffle".

live platform has gone through a rapid growth period. The report released by the China Internet Information Center shows that by the year June 2017, both the scale of the webcast and the overall proportion of the Internet users had declined. Specific to the head of broadcast company, Analysys sails October mobile application data show, in the top five entertainment live in APP, YY LIVE, in addition to pepper, reflecting a live guest, and NOW 4 active users has broadcast platform decline. The stranger, once live on live performance, was also exposed to the capital market after the latest financial report.

and experienced industry reshuffle, with flow and capital advantage of listed companies and the Internet giant system has become the wave of live bonus reaper. The advantage of the independent live platform is no longer, but is considered to be faced with a greater challenge. The valuations of 500 million of the rings went bankrupt, leaving 3 million of the pay and the lost CEO. For the first quarter of 2017, the cheetah show, broadcast products on the list, reflected by the first passenger has dropped to fourth, row in front of it is YY and several teeth, Betta platform.

contrast, if the 2016 short video industry is still shrouded in live halo, then in 2017, a short video has become the protagonist of entertainment on the track of brilliance.

2017, the head content organization and short video platform still showed a strong ability to absorb gold. The Redwood capital, the Chinese cultural industry fund, the warp and weft China, the genuine fund and other investment institutions have come to the Bureau. A total of $40 million C round financing; two to complete 100 million yuan B+ round financing; daily cooking completed 100 million yuan B round financing. The platform, quickly got the Tencent led a $350 million investment and financing information, short video platform video pear completed 167 million yuan Pre-A round of financing people.com.cn's funds.

on the market at the same time continued rise of new content to get financing, such as three video was established in December 2016 this year announced the completion of the 20 million yuan A round of financing, the United States short video haha get Zezheng tens of millions of dollars pre-A round of financing, the military military short video plane got several times million yuan A round of financing, real IDG fund.

what is the logic behind the two industries? In CPT capital senior investment manager Liu Tianjie, and not live without air, but would have voted. "Live is the main investment platform, the platform and the head effect is very obvious, after entering the industry reshuffle is not much investment targets, relatively short video is the main content of investment, continue to have new people and make new things, can have a place to live in in the market, will continue to have voted for a short video."

in the industry changes, more subtle is the convergence between live and short video. Whether live broadcast or short video is concerned, both of them are scramble for the time of user fragmentation. There is a certain overlap on the crowd. Now they are closing to each other -- the live platform has shifted to the short video air outlet, and the short video platform has also added live broadcast function.

2017 conversion, what kind of industry changes can be interpreted? Interface entrepreneurship makes the following three points:

1 live platform, steering vertical content and social, a star, but the transition is not easy

after the thousand sowing war, 2017 can continue to get more financing on the head live platform. For example, YY's game live tiger won $75 million A round of financing; Wang Sicong's panda live received 1 billion yuan B round of financing; pepper live received 1 billion yuan B round of financing; they completed D round of financing. And when the dividend is no longer, these head live platforms are also entering the transition period.

in the policy of tighter regulatory background, apricot live, 18 peach show live application is network information office shut down, a lot of competition show the homogeneity of the recession has also led to the show mode. hair

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