Eat it every day, constipation! There's less wrinkles! Whitening beauty anti aging!

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original title: eat it every day, constipation is good! There's less wrinkles! Whitening beauty anti aging!

with the growth of age, the various factors that have come to the end cause wrinkles. But if we have a good daily skin care, we can effectively prevent premature skin failure. Of course, the skin care products and the interior tone are better than other treatments.

is easy to cause wrinkles to breed

1. all kinds of canned and fried food

What does

eat to cause premature skin wrinkles and wrinkles? For example, a lot of canned food, salad dressing, and coffee and too long frozen food. In addition, many girls like to eat spicy spicy food and other foods. They are food that causes wrinkles, so they should not eat as much as they can eat regularly, which has a great impact on skin irritation and injury.

2. salt intake is too much

too much salt is not only easy to cause hypertension symptoms, but also affects a person's appearance. Too much salt is very easy to cause the loss of water and nutrients of human body, and then easy to breed wrinkles.

anti aging food


oranges are rich in vitamins such as vitamin C and other vitamins, which can be eaten regularly.


often uses bananas to regulate endocrine disorders and constipation symptoms.


summer watermelon is one of the most popular fruits. Watermelon is rich in multiple vitamins for moisturizing and replenishing the skin very well.


cucumber beauty care methods often used a lot of beauty girl, cucumber contains a variety of carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids, the daily consumption can supplement nutrition to skin at the same time, effective against skin aging, reduce wrinkles prevent skin, skin whitening.


grape is one of the most easy to get in the life of the fruit, it is rich in citric acid can effectively moisturize skin, achieve perfect convergence effect, contains a lot more grape polyphenols in grape, with potent antioxidant function, can effectively delay skin aging steps.

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