A domestic Internet cafe at the door let out warning signs: strictly prohibit hanging, once found to hit one!

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's "Jedi survival" entered the official version this month. New climbing functions and new desert maps were added to the game. At the same time, game optimization problems were also improved. At present, a total of 30 million sets of achievements have been sold, but there is still one particular concern:

that's the problem of hanging out in the game!

The plug-in hated countless game player

all over the world, will be set up with Henjin signs warning in the domestic Internet stores more, if the site is in the other game player found the use of plug-in, or even move your mouth and hands.

recently a hot topic in the online film in the film, in the use of plug-in game player come swaggeringly was found after being slapped a slap in the face; many netizens think he deserved it, but some people think that only the games do not need to move, but as more and more plug-in, Internet cafes to avoid external guests, even the "interesting play slogan hanging open Internet cafes to eat chicken, will pan leap headshots. "


is the recent picture of a man who smack the external

the red man very just, bluntly Chinese have you this open plug the game player it is a shame, nausea, then I also said thousands of hours of game are you this group linked to the ruin, while others have been in the sequel, but the red man still hanging under many fan.

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From: 国内某网吧在门口放出警示牌:严禁开挂,一经发现暴打一顿!
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