It is said that it can make up the kidney and eat more in winter.

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in winter.

went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables in the morning, and always bought much more than it was careful. When they saw the good, they wanted to buy it, so they could go home with big bags and small bags, and how many years they didn't go to the vegetable market. Hey。 Today I bought a great mutton. I couldn't help having a leg. Then I saw the sheep's waist and bought a lot of them. The feeling is the same as the treasure. Ha-ha。

viscera food, not often eat, but also do not refuse their taste. There are many different ways of talking about visceral food, but in traditional Chinese medicine, Yang waist (Yang Shen) has been has been used as a main food for human anti aging and prolonging life. The sheep prepared wine, meat, meat, legion. Sheep kidney contains rich nutrients protein, vitamin A, iron, phosphorus, selenium, a lean blood, aphrodisiac effect. Men seem to be more likely to eat more of this dish.

eat stewed sheep waist, but also eat mixed sheep waist, today a stir with sheep waist, green pepper and pepper to taste good collocation.

main material: sheep waist

ingredients: green pepper, onion, bubble, onion, ginger and garlic

wine spices: salt soy sauce sugar white pepper salad oil oil

chili bean sauce


prepares the waist of the sheep.

half cut, tear off the white film, and remove the ribs.

can again be half a piece of kidney cleaning.

kidney slices, or cut the kidney, feel the sheep waist more tender, not too good cut, direct slicing, and so I continue to practice.

cut the waist piece, good salt, cooking wine, add soy sauce, mix marinade.

prepares ingredients, peppers, capsicum, onions, garlic, bean paste.

chilli chilli chilli, chilli chilli cut, onion cut, garlic chopped, minced bean paste.

fry pan, hot pot cold oil, will pickle the waist pan,

quickly cooked out of the pan.

after the net to refuel, stir fry chili, onion, ginger, garlic, bean paste.

the waist piece back.

with green chilli chilli, stir fry, with a little white pepper and sugar flavored.