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Tunisian government sources told satellite news agency that the reason why Emirates banned Tunisian women's flights was that there was news that terrorists planned to attack at Christmas.

the United Arab Emirates announced in December 22nd that Tunisian women were banned from entering and crossing the border. Tunisia declared a ban on the entry of the United Arab Emirates airliner into Tunisian airspace in December 25th, until the two sides found appropriate solutions based on international regulations and agreements. Sources said: "the United Arab Emirates authorities informed Tunisia about reports and data that during the Christmas season, terrorists planned to use Tunisian women to attack the UAE and launch terrorist attacks in the United Arab Emirates." He also pointed out that the United Arab Emirates decided the ban because of the information put forward by the security department, but not for Tunisian citizens. The ban does not involve Tunisian people who have the right to live in the United Arab Emirates. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 获悉恐袭阴谋 阿联酋航空禁止突尼斯女性乘机
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