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original title: why is the Taiwan cavity no longer popular?

" why can thousands of girls indulge in curly Fu's character voice can not extricate themselves, and there will be countless Tucao Zhao Liying's Chinese accent in Dior Promo? Why is the Beijing cavity regarded by many people as the standard accent than the standard, and the Southern Mandarin can only be "blue - thin letinous edodes"? Why was it no longer popular in the Taiwan cavity that swept the mainland because of the "meteor garden" and "the kiss of the prank"?

"know" (nz_zhidao) and you talk, accent identity behind the problems.

tremson, freckles and Gandalf. What are the similarities between the three men?

except for all Cambridge alumni and Gao Fu Shuai, they all have the English accent of the dead. British accent has been selected as the sexiest male English accent in the world, followed by Scotland accent, according to the independent newspaper. This is not the first British accent to become the world's sexiest English accent. In 2015, in a survey involving 24 cities in the world, it defeated French and American accents and became the most romantic English accent in the world.

two although the rankings are controversial -- after all face in the evaluation of "sexy" or an important parameter -- but still reflects many problems. For example, why can thousands of girls indulge in the voice of Zhao Liying, but there will be countless Chinese accents in Dior promotional films. Why is the Beijing cavity regarded by many people as the standard accent than the standard, and the Southern Mandarin can only be "blue - thin letinous edodes"?

misunderstood accent

in "modern Chinese Dictionary", "accent" and "dialect" replaced, refers to people in a certain area in a language, vowels and consonants or tone in the local dialect or is different from the standard language is. Micro-blog on the long enduring "Hu Jianren" piece, is the local people long-term use of local dialect in Mandarin, dialect and Mandarin pronunciation rules will confuse the consonants f into h in disorderly fashion.


but, although the standard accent is important, it can not be equated with "pure". I left my back, not bad accent metante." This is a famous poem of the poet he Zhi Zhang in the Tang Dynasty. The use of nonstandard accents with strong local features often arouses the interlocutors' yearning and recognition of their hometown more than the standard accent. In 1926, British linguist Daniel Jones formally put forward the concept of "standard accent". However, until 1974, the standard accent did not exceed 3% of the population in Britain. In 2014, a survey by University of Manchester even showed that 1/3 of Britain were deeply dissatisfied with changing their accents on some important occasions.

in fact, the standard accent is also derived from the accent in a particular area. The reason why it is designated as a standard depends only on the judgement and choice of the social environment at that time by the government and linguists, not because of its superior superiority. Since Zhu Diqian to Chuangwang to Beijing, Beijing has been the country of the Ming dynasty. However, the Jiangguan dialect of Nanjing has always been the official language of the Ming Dynasty, and to the Qing Dynasty.

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