How do baby dishes be done? Let me teach you a kind of family practice that makes you not eat enough!

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original title: how do doll dishes be good to eat? Let me teach you a kind of family practice that makes you not eat enough!

dry pot baby food is a Home Dishes, the main ingredient is cabbage, pork and other accessories are for edible oil, spices, soy sauce, bean paste and so on, but, after all, every place each township vulgar practices will be more or less biased.

like me, love to eat dry pot inside of the meat is used to burn the bacon will feel more fragrant rice. However, no bacon home, I used half salty sausage and pork instead of half.





pepper, red pepper

specific practice:

first boiled a slice of sausage, pork wash fridge freezer for a while convenient section

baby food wash tear, but there is no need to blanch strength, wash water drain can be

pork stir frying oil after adding


add a little pepper and dried pepper smell after baby food into the pan and stir fry, stir fry the leaves in the process of the surface due to loss of moisture and slightly fat coke, taste and taste are good oh

baby vegetables soften, add sugar to taste

then go to the casserole and get ready to eat!


casserole: while cooking while preheating in another stove casserole dish can immediately pour inside, together on the table.

When the food on

is finished quickly, the bottom of the pot is hot, and it keeps the best taste and the taste of

is very good for this kind of burning in winter! return to the Sohu, see more


From: 娃娃菜怎么做才好吃?我来教你一种家常做法,让你吃不够!
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