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, according to CNN, the classic movie "The Sound of Music" was launched in 1965. It swept Oscar's best movie and other 5 awards. The song "Do Re Mi" is sung to today's songs. It is one of many people's classic movies. As the "two daughters" Heather Menzies (Heather Menzies) on the evening of 25 was exposed due to brain cancer late died at the age of 68.

Heather Menzies son outside the media "TMZ" confirmed her death, accompanied by his family died, "she was enjoying the life of the actress. She was diagnosed with brain cancer in 4 weeks ago, died without any pain at 7:22 last night, call the last breath to enjoy."

in fact, Heather Menzies performed "sound of music" is only 15 years old, then show a lot of TV series, is very active in 70 to 80s, was also in 1973 on the "naked" dandy magazine, now that the death of so many fans quite sorry. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 电影《音乐之声》二女儿扮演者去世 享年68岁
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