Christy Chung enough, the scene of the dress, let a person look to the end!

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Christy Chung is very familiar with everyone. Her sexy figure is also impressive to everyone. She married her little boyfriend and lived so happily that it envied people's admiration. She is very sexy in her bones, and dressing is always difficult for people to control. Especially now, Christy Chung, in order to win your attention, she really wears everything.

gauze style dress, very dreamy, dressed in Christy Chung, not to say, really very reduced age oh.

recently, like a vacuum out of the mirror clothes, let people make a big drop, a very strong sense of black gauze, and do not wear what is really nothing two.

black sexy in a black dress pants collocation, Christy Chung, is always unexpected, get everybody confused ah.

red grid Sling Dress, sexy cut, wearing a charming figure, with a black belt, can also show a good figure.

white perspective dress, the vacuum through the skirt, only Christy Chung is so casual. The standard size of the European and American code, do not have to lose weight and charming.

sexy tight pink shirt, gray pants collocation, this magical collocation, wear western style feeling, the feet of the fish mouth high-heeled shoes, pink by age, let Christy Chung more.

sapphire blue dress, sexy tight design, more suitable for a good girl, and a high slit skirt, highlighting their own temperament, exceptionally charming. return to the Sohu, see more


From: 钟丽缇够拼的,活动现场的连衣裙,让人一眼望到底!
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