Those "executives mashiqianti": HUAWEI executives suspected of bribery were taken, which are posted in the BAT...

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original title: "those executives mashiqianti": HUAWEI executives suspected of bribery were taken away, this happened in BAT

The promotion of

from ordinary staff to corporate executives requires years of experience. However, it takes only one step to fall from the top of the executive position. Recently, HUAWEI company a won the highest honor of the internal management of sales supervisor, because greed lost your future.

12 26, several media exposed the news that Teng Hongfei, a HUAWEI executive, was taken away by the police. In this regard, HUAWEI official to all-weather technology confirmed that the original consumer business China regional sales director Teng Hongfei, on suspicion of non national staff of bribery, has been taken coercive measures of public security organs. The police are in the investigation on suspicion of criminal offences.

public information, Teng Hongfei previously worked in NOKIA, Samsung, NOKIA, South West has served as general manager of Samsung Electronics, and general manager of Southern China district. In May 2014, Teng Hongfei switched to HUAWEI, HUAWEI consumers BG executive vice president of Greater China, in charge of sales. In recent years, with the hot sale of terminal products such as HUAWEI mobile phone and tablet computer, the importance of Teng hung Fei's position is becoming more and more prominent.

held in March this year, a HUAWEI internal reception, Teng Hongfei was awarded the HUAWEI blue blood Shijie title, the award is HUAWEI management system the highest honor award winners, is considered to have made a great contribution to the construction of management system of HUAWEI. However, with Teng alleged bribery Hongfei was taken away, all this has become the past".

Teng Hongfei "mashiqianti" is not the case, in recent years, many domestic famous enterprise executives because of corruption and bribery in prison, all-weather technology makes inventory.

Taobao Juhuasuan general manager Yan Limin

In July

2012, Yan Limin, the former general manager of the Alibaba's Juhuasuan, was detained in criminal detention on suspicion of "bribery of non state staff". Half a year later, the court sentenced him to 7 years in prison for the crime of bribery.


2011, the domestic group buying mode prevailed. Alibaba's Juhuasuan is also the leader in this field. In those days, Juhuasuan's transaction volume reached 10 billion 100 million scale, once occupied 50% of the market share of the domestic group buying market. However, in Juhuasuan's turnover increased greatly at the same time, the internal corruption cases occur frequently, in addition to the "number one" Yan Limin checked, 2012 Ali will be three employees dismissed and transferred to the judicial department, because they were in the process of investment by Juhuasuan position to seek illegitimate interests.

now, Yan Limin has been out of prison. Years of prison failure did not bring him down. In June of this year, Yan Limin grabbed the business outlet of the unmanned shelves and set up an office self retailing business -- Guo Xiaomei. Up to now, the establishment of only half a year of Guo Xiaomei has completed the C round of financing, the total amount of financing more than 500 million yuan. In business operation, Guo Mei has already entered nearly 100 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Hangzhou and so on. Yan Limin told 36 krypton that the monthly increase in the number of terminal points in the United States continued to exceed 300%.

Liu Chunning

, assistant president of Tencent and vice president of Alibaba group, Liu ChunningIn June

2015, Liu Chunning, vice president of Alibaba group, was taken away by Shenzhen police because of commercial bribery during the Tencent and reported by Tencent.

Liu Chunning worked in Tencent for nearly 10 years. He had been the assistant to the president of the Tencent Inc, the general manager of the electronic commerce department, and the head of the network of patting the network. But in 2013, as a senior executive of Tencent, he jumped to the ground and took the lead in Tencent's biggest competitor, Alibaba, vice president of Alibaba group and President of digital entertainment group.

After the

was taken away by the police, the Tencent reported that a number of online video related business employees were guilty of corruption and bribery. And Liu Chunning is in charge of the Tencent video copyright procurement period of commercial bribery. Alibaba also issued a notice later that Liu Chunning had been bribed during Tencent, and the investigation had nothing to do with its position in Alibaba and Ali pictures.

In April

2016, Liu Chunning was in court in the Nanshan District court of Shenzhen on suspicion of the crime of accepting bribes from non state staff. The prosecutor accused Liu Chunning of taking advantage of his position to receive benefits from the two single purchase of online video copyright in order to gain benefits for others when he entered Tencent technology Shenzhen limited.

In addition to being likely to face criminal responsibility,

's behavior in Ali's job is in violation of the Tencent Inc's competition agreement. The Tencent has filed a civil action against Liu Chunning on the issue of prohibition of business strife, and recovered all proceeds from its 10 years in Tencent, amounting to tens of millions of yuan.

Tencent network media development department and online video department director Yuyu

is suspected of bribery together with Liu Chunning and the Tencent network media development and online video director Yue Yu, after Liu Chunning Ali quit a year (February 2014), Yue rain from the Tencent turnover, joined Alibaba. But in September, Yueyu was controlled by Shenzhen police.

In October

2015, Yueyu appeared on trial. The prosecutor accused her of having a job encroachment during the director of the Tencent network media development department (the general manager of the Tencent online video department is Liu Chunning). The company appropriation amounted to 5 million 520 thousand yuan. Tencent Inc, through official micro-blog, issued "Yueyu and others suspected of encroachment on the Tencent."

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