The real traveler will never miss 20 Hall - level hiking lines, of which 1 are in China!

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original title: real travelers will never miss 20 palace level hiking routes, of which 1 are in China.

life has a few times of restlessness.

want to walk the world, want to measure the earth by footsteps of the day and night.

from Yunnan Tiger Leaping Gorge line and foot line Tibet Sichuan China Qinghai, Nepal to Asia within the scope of the Anna purna link, then to Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania, the seven continents in six continents around the human footprint.

no one can deny that hiking, no doubt is the most direct and most capable way of expressing the meaning of life.

snow mountain, glacier, lakes and even volcanoes. The most beautiful scenery of will not see on the tour bus. If you are curious and full of love for the blue planet, then you must go hiking once.

you don't have to conquer Mount Qomolangma, but there must be something you like in the following lines.

1. Nepal Anna Puer ring line

the head of the global best hiking line

- line overview: in the world's ten major hiking routes in Nepal, Anna purna link (ACT) on line at the top of the list, in the global ranking first foot line.

the line "font-size: style= highlights: a 8000 foot line around the snow world only; the world's highest Lake; numerous an altitude of 6000 meters above the mountain


2. in South Africa and Kilimanjaro Ma Chelmsford line

Africa's first peak / world's largest volcano

- line overview: Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest peak, is the world's largest volcano. It is 5895 meters above sea level and is one of the most easily topped mountains in a mountain with a height of more than 5000 meters.

it has seven route up the mountain, and the horse Chelmsford line is a lower degree of difficulty and a rich landscape.

Best climbing seven days.

the line "font-size: style= highlights: from tropical rainforest to the plateau, the scenery is not easy to change, high anti.



3. Austria Alps

the most beautiful unlimited horizontal line

- line overview: this line, with some of the world's best scenery, but the hikers are very friendly, is suitable for all levels of hikers.

you can see the crystal glacier, the roaring waterfall and the quiet beauty of the lake along the way.

the line "font-size: style= highlights: 64 km long; dozens of huge glaciers


From: 真正的旅行者绝不会错过的20条殿堂级徒步线,其中1条就在中国!
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