The CIRC proposed a blacklist system to prohibit risk enterprises from the problem of private equity cooperation

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Beijing business daily (reporter Xu Chenhui) along with the continuous expansion of private equity investment, equity fund investment institutions internal management issues also began to show. In December 26th, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission's official website announced that 5 equity investment fund management institutions such as Qianhai ark Asset Management Co., Ltd. were in violation of the regulation on the application of insurance funds, and the sense of compliance was not strong enough, and there were problems in internal management.

bulletin showed that since this year, the CIRC has carried out a special renovation work on the use of insurance funds for risk investigation. The investment of insurance funds investment in equity fund business risk investigation, the off-site supervision and inquiry found that the Qianhai ark Asset Management Limited, PICC Asset Management Co, Shanghai Ying Ding Yuanwang investment management center, East China new venture capital management (Xinjiang) Company Limited, XinDa, Cci Capital Ltd and other wind equity fund investment institutions of insurance the use of funds compliance awareness is not strong, the internal management problems, not according to the provisions of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission to submit an annual report on time.

insurance requirements, investment institutions of insurance funds investment in private equity funds should be held annually before March 31st, the fund investment equity investment of insurance funds, submit an annual report to the circ. And the insurance companies that invest in the equity funds managed by these institutions should strengthen post investment management, and regularly understand the investment situation and the compliance operation of related institutions. The above investment institutions should also carefully rectify and eliminate the recurrence of similar events.

in May last year, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission intends to amend the "insurance funds management Interim Measures", venture capital investment allows venture capital funds and other private equity funds, insurance asset management institutions can set up mezzanine funds, buyout funds, real estate funds and other private equity funds, which makes venture capital investment in private equity funds operating in the regulations clearly and improve the compliance and legitimacy.

insiders believe that our country is in the new economic era. Many industries are short of money. Allowing venture capital to invest in private equity funds helps to increase the support of venture capital to the national major strategy and real economy and play an important role in the overall economic construction. But the insurance fund equity investment is not standardized and transparent, not professional issues still exist in a certain extent, the potential risks can not be ignored, and must carry out the insurance agency equity investment business investment capacity to match the equity investment of insurance funds to strengthen ability construction needs to pay attention to.


have also suggested that the insurance institutions should continue to strengthen the equity investment ability construction, market cultivation, training team, establish the brand, strengthen the close cooperation mechanism and strength of private equity market, create their own circle of friends and circle of competence, according to the characteristics of insurance funds investment in innovation, continuously grope for the endowment insurance funds internal equity investment the business model, to meet the demand of equity investment of insurance funds.

, in order to prevent the risk of private equity investment, the CIRC also revealed that it will explore the establishment of a blacklist system, and prohibit insurance institutions from carrying out related businesses with compliance problems. Next, the CIRC will strengthen functional supervision according to the requirements of the national financial work conference, and strengthen the regulatory supervision of equity fund investment institutions and intermediaries involved in the investment of insurance funds. We should further improve the supervision mechanism of insurance accounts for the investment funds of equity funds, and urge the insurance institutions to strengthen the continuous tracking, evaluation and reporting of equity funds investment.

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