The latest Internet cafe data out of the furnace everyone goes to the Internet bar to play chicken!

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recently, we released some data from the point of view of the network technology, the current domestic Internet cafes in the game list quietly changed, the original keep first league has now dropped to second, while the new first undoubtedly by PUBG (instead of the Jedi survive).

, from this Internet bar game rankings, we can see that the top four games are still very familiar with us: PUBG, LOL, CF, DNF, and fifth is Steam client.

in the last 30 days of the Internet bar index, we can see that PUBG is basically the same as the hero alliance, and even a few days have surpassed the hero alliance.

, in addition, from August to December, we can see that the starting rate of heroic alliance is decreasing, and the startup rate of PUBG has surged from the very beginning of 4.3% to 38.9% of December, which is the first time that it has surpassed the League of heroes for the first time. The trend of TOP5 game startup rate in Internet cafes is decreasing.

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analysis, combined with the data in our case that in our hometown, the Internet bar is full play to eat chicken? Welcome to share with us


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