This Kentucky, at least 20 copies of a breath, right?

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original title: Kentucky, at least 20 copies at one breath, right?!


Xiaobian it recently is not stop

all kinds of brain holes open around

people too busy to attend to all

> for example, the price Hamburg

made by meteorites

and eating chicken tents with lifelike chicken legs handle



it is in the street corner of Portland, USA,

open a

set here

little editor at least 20

in one breath.

is curious?

fast and small to see ~

Kentucky Mini flash store

Kentucky launched as small as a person can not sit

if you don't pay attention to

you must not notice

at a corner in Portland, Oregon

this ultra Mini Kentucky store

but look at


you will find

doesn't have any different


, of course

don't think so small

it is just a model of the model oh

> here

also sells the only kind of

Kentucky package


, of course

if you want , you have to lie on the