What's the difference between a child who has seen the world? Don't raise the children to the poorer!

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original title: what's the difference between a child who has seen the world? Don't raise the children to the poorer!

Chinese people attach great importance to the growth and development of their children, and place their hope on their children's future. The parents who enter the middle age and old age almost put all their energy and financial resources on their children. They will give their best to them. In the eyes of most people, the best education for the child is to provide a better material life for the child, but is it true?

Huang Lei once said a word: "poor and rich, not better to use love." "A family, a group of friends, visit again and again." It is better to read thousands of books than to read thousands of miles. On the journey, children will increase their knowledge and gain much knowledge that they can not learn in books. Their children's vision is also widening in the following tours. Children need more exposure to nature, contact with different personnel, and expand their horizons as much as possible in children's growth. No matter what aspects they are, they are immeasurable wealth for children.

as a senior educator, parents often communicate with me about their children's education in WeChat. Many parents will ask, "what do you think is the most important thing that our parents need to do when they are educating their children?" And I have always been an answer: let the child see the world. As a working class, there is no money and no power, what to give the child to see the world?

actually, take their children to see the world, it is best to cultivate children, not to say where to travel abroad, but vision and pattern of parents, children see the world can have a wealth of knowledge and ideas, but also have a certain vision, confident of catching people.

believes that the recent broadcast TV "Ode to joy", a lot of people want to be like Andy in beauty and wisdom in a goddess, but in reality we are Qiu Yingying or Fan Shengmei or Juer as ordinary people. What is that that makes them different from each other? In order to help you better understand what the children have seen in the world, what the difference is, the teacher will share an article and hope to be enlightened.

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From: 见过世面的孩子,到底有什么不同?别把孩子越养越穷!
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