LOL is the most important creation list! The first is the transparency you dare to believe in?

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original title: the most important creation list of LOL! The first is the transparency you dare to believe in?

with the arrival of the end of the 2017 season has come to an end, and a review of the development of the league this year, in fact both games or gaming are steadily. In the 2017 season, the five important decisions of the hero league's developer fist game also affected the world's most popular game fate.

5. space-time backtracking system

The appearance of

in the game is an inevitable thing, as is the same in the heroic League. In the games, BUG is likely to affect the normal game, and even lead to replay. In February 12, 2017, the LCS official in North America launched the space time backtracking system for the first time in C9's battle against FLY team. solved a serious BUG problem in the FLY era. The space-time backtracking system allows the game to go back to BUG before the two teams can play normally. Now the system has been extended to all parts of the world.

4. competition mode

actually, the competition mode has not been officially launched on all servers, but it is now tested in Europe, so it is also a change in 2017. After the disappearance of the 5v5 team, the players are eager for a new set of platoon patterns. Therefore, the official decision to bring a competition mode on Friday, Sunday, three days, , in the new client, can play online small tournaments on Sunday with friends, so as to get rich prizes.

3. Rune recasting

all the pre season games are very chaotic every year, and there are tons of changes in the midseason, especially in the field. But this year the designers have changed a lot, and changed the game system, especially the rune recasting, affecting all the heroes. , though the new rune system is not absolutely balanced at present, it is acceptable on the whole. Some heroes will be adjusted if they are too strong. Some weaker heroes will also be strengthened. Each player can find his best match with the rune, which makes the hero alliance more interesting.

2. franchise

North American LCS and LPL leagues are starting to sell the league matches in the transfer season this year. has been franchised. Some old teams of have failed to keep the league matches, and some new investors are floating on the surface. The franchise has injected new blood into the League of Champions League. Many teams' squad lists have been substantially adjusted, so we look forward to the new season more than ever. Regardless of the North American LCS or the LPL League, will be more competitive next year.


1. transparent

in the past few years, fist games have been accused of being a very conservative game company whose officials and designers rarely communicate with players. But this year is different. designers interact with players through various means such as forum questions and answers, blog updates and so on. conveys their understanding of games and deepens their understanding of games. All kinds of designers are also an active answer to the question of the player's love, so that the whole hero alliance is in a transparent stage and is developing in a positive direction. return to the Sohu, see more


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