Study | see drama can be the protagonist clothing ring powder! She looks so nice!

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original title: | learning can be a drama hero clothing ring powder! She looks so nice!

American opera "great lady Massel" advanced color matching

she has a wide range of styling in the play and a high level of color, red, green and blue... It can bring us a lot of inspiration. Do you think her color is too old? Poster editing from the street to find a more modern and fashionable deduction, immediately come to see!

powder x "Hong Hong".

there are other two sets of Mickey very stunning orange red powder * in the play, make her pink cute and adorable sweet soft, the most suitable for skin white poster Girls. At the new year, in such a "peach blossom" is a gaudy red much more beautiful!

Fashion blogger Sanita Morgan (Zanita Morgan) 2017 autumn winter New York fashion week outside the street show the photo.

looks retro fashion blogger Sanita Morgan (Zanita Morgan) had a pink jacket with red turtleneck collocation, looks beautiful and fashionable.

pink and red fur coat fashionable mosaic effect good, take the orange Hoodie, with girls Qi Liuhai and fun bags, let the other lovely elf love oh.

* red color love powder on street beat Reds is also a lot of socialite Lauren Sandor Domingo (Lauren Santo Domingo) a combination of a red turtleneck + pink wide leg pants, even in the international fashion week is particularly eye-catching.

" Vogue "magazine Ukraine edition, fashion editor Julie Pelipas 2018 spring and summer Paris fashion week, show street outside.

color matching is also good, look at the fashion editor Julie Pelipas wear is not very good?

but the seal is not recommended to wear too much red, too high.

if you must choose general red, dark red dress is more advanced, the details of Chic and pink dotting unexpectedly!

Elisa Nalin

of the stylist

stylist Elisa Nalin is called the "chameleon" in the fashion circle

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