It is "the most severe" winter green leafy vegetables, Yang cold, or old stomach big killer

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original title: it is "the most severe" winter green leafy vegetables, Yang cold, or old stomach big killer

do friends know what the fennel is?

is actually a common seasoning

because they can remove the stench in the meat,

To make Tim


is so called "fennel".

fennel: green leafy vegetables the first

kidney sun cold evil

all the leafy vegetables are mostly cold, but the temperature is coriander fennel. fennel is warm and hot, and it can be ranked first in green vegetables. leeks, cilantro, and shallot, these green dishes are also warm, but the fennel is better than them.

Why does

say that? Because fennel mainly in the kidney, warming and Tonifying Kidney Yang directly.

physical deficiency cold, usually more afraid of the cold people, the most suitable for more anise, can kidney to help the . Anise not only can adjust the deficiency cold, but also can adjust the cold . When the external feeling is cold, eating fennel can divert the wind and cold.

fennel has a health-care and conditioning function for all cold syndrome, . Cold hands and feet, stomach like hot food or alvine cold painful, eat fennel is good for health.

fennel or stomach disease star

fennel also into the stomach, Nuanwei, appetizers, stomach, stomach stomach conditioning of various type.

stomachache people eat the stomach pain fennel can people eat fennel, loss of appetite can be appetizers, indigestion eating fennel can help digestion, depressed people eat fennel can hearten spirit.

anise smell spices, so it Qi 's role is also very strong, the disease caused by qi stagnation and inverse gas can be adjusted, such as chest pain, belching, cramps, flatulence, abdominal hernia, tone, and even cold beriberi etc..

eat almond mixed fennel

" Yin and Yang double complement, anti cold

when eating raw coriander fennel, if you can add a little in sweet almond is the best, is the balance of yin and Yang, and enhance the efficacy of fennel can prevent stomach flu.

practice: sweet almond boiled for ten minutes. Add chopped coriander fennel, sweet almond, with a ratio of 2:1 into the mix in soy sauce and vinegar on it.


1, pay attention to mixing fennel and don't put sugar ;

2, almond should be sweet, do not use bitter almond. bitter apricot kernel is a very good traditional Chinese medicine, but there is a slight poison, usually only medicine, usually can not eat more.


1. fennel can divert wind and cold, almond can moisten lung and asthma.

2. fennel can warm the stomach, digestion, stomach, phlegm and almond.

- Ziou, fennel, almond Jiangqi, can relieve a cough.

3. fennel sterilization and diarrhea, almond embellish bowel movement, both of the same can be used to maintain the intestinal function of balance.

4. fennel to help Yang, almond nourishing, collocation together in the Yin and Yang double supplement .

cumin boiled water: Warming Kidney Yang

is a medicinal plant stems and leaves of coriander fennel fennel. Fennel seeds, fennel seeds of , is what we usually do is cumin, Lucai common spices, five spice powder inside, with a b..

fennel is the seed, it can of kidney yang deficiency of Kidney Yang tonic, people usually cook often put some fennel, equivalent to eat kidney medicine. At the same time, can also warm down the coke and regulate Qi , so doctors in all ages especially praise the efficacy of in the treatment of hernia .

actually, next coke cold dampness, qi stagnation, pain syndromes, such as kidney lower back pain, intestinal spasm, dysmenorrhea, enuresis, it can adjust.

fennel is not only a master of Tonifying the kidney and Yang,

or a stomachache!

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