How do you take the most fantastic pictures on Christmas Eve?

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original title: how do you take the most fantastic photos on Christmas Eve?

photographer Philip Halsman photography

"rather than filming a thing, it's better to take a idea. Instead of making an idea, not to shoot a dream." This quote from the famous American surrealist artist Man Ray (Man Ray) is a very accurate description of the characteristics of surrealism photography. And when we have this style of photography, the probability of winning this Christmas night friend circle photo competition should be a lot more!

reproduction from record to creating

surrealism photography is a formalistic genre of photography that rose in the 30s of the last century. The photographer of this genre believes that it is a task that classical artists have already done to realist the real world with realistic creation methods, and the mission of modern artists is to explore the "spiritual world" of human beings.

> Mann Ray's Glass Tears

Mann Ray's Black and White

as a type of surrealism art, surrealism photography fully embodies the basic characteristics of surrealism art, that is, the freedom of spirit. As the French writer Breton (Andre Breton) wrote in the Manifesto of surrealism, surrealism is a pure mental unconscious activity of human beings.

photographer Gilbert Garcin photography

photographer photography

Yamamoto defended the right

Bergson (Henri Bergson)'s intuitionism, Hagel (G.W.F.Hegel) dialectics and Freud (Sigmund Freud) psychoanalysis, laid a philosophical and psychological foundation for the development of surrealism. , while surrealism photography tries to change the pure record of reality, and pays attention to the dream world of dreams.

photographer Henry Cartier Bresson photography

English "image" and "imagination" (imagine) have the same root, which may convey the surreal charm to the world to some extent. Surrealist photographer shot through the preparation and production to achieve their own darkness dreamland.

photographer Bill Brant photography

Photography "director"

Philip Halsman photo

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Philip Halsman (Philippe Halsman) is a surrealistic photographer from the United States. He is one of the representatives of photography director. its representative "atomic"

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