Li Xigui: how does the school overcome the "teaching" culture and let the children go to real learning?

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original title: Li Xigui: how does the school overcome the "teaching" culture and let the children go to real learning?

highlights: in early 1632, Czech educator Comenius in "teaching" in the class teaching system, the teaching of "the main purpose is: to seek and find a method of teaching, so that teachers can teach less, therefore, students can learn more. However, even after more than 380 years, under the current education system, it is still too luxurious to return the right that students can learn more. So how can a school overcome the "teaching" culture and let the children go to real learning?

nineteen during the meeting I studied members of the Central Committee and the Central Committee alternate degree, found in these members graduated from junior high school in eight, eight in this and some of the intellectual gathering unit leadership, such as the United Front Work Department, Xinhua news agency. I am very curious, so in-depth study of them, and found that eight of the members of the life experience is very rich, but no matter what they go on the new post, even after the cross industry will soon become a new post new industry, the expert.

I found that they have a common feature: learning power. Where does the learning power come from? If the students are instilled in the class, will the students have the ability to learn? So the learning power comes from the learning itself.

professor Ken Robinson, a professor at the University of Warwick in England, in TED, "what's the problem in our education? It has been said that the successful person in the system is not successful because of this culture, and it is usually successful in overcoming the culture.

recently, an American e-book has been written on the Internet, and one of the topics is "how to let a child hate baseball?" First, it is a history of baseball, baseball is how to produce, how to introduce students to the United States, it will need a series of events back down, then test; second is about baseball skills of the students in the teacher did not contact Baseball Case about a week, and then finally it examination; baseball players skills a week later, after the examination; three study and exam, students basically already do not love baseball.

how, then, how to overcome this teaching culture as a school and let the children go to real learning?

in the first grade language textbooks, have a history unit, is about in the novels of chivalrous characters. A total of four articles, the traditional way of learning is the teacher with the students an article learning students, all the problems are solved by the old division.

teachers will often write a teaching goal in the preparation of textbooks while preparing lessons, the teaching goal sometimes many years never change, but according to the teaching goal of teaching. The teachers themselves do not know do not realize the teaching goal.

class, we often see such a situation, the teacher occasionally develop new teaching objectives, but the students did not know, so the students in the class all the time watching the teacher look, listen to the teacher's teachings, but once they leave the teacher do not know why to learn this book in the end, through learning to achieve what goal.

we desire of the classroom is, no matter what exactly is the teacher or the students are very clear this unit or the classroom learning goals, so from the previous teacher teaching goals to write in the preparation of textbooks into let students clear, to the operation of the learning objectives, we have a long way to go.

in the eleven School of Beijing, the language course in the history of the unit, for students to put forward understandable and operable learning goals.

first, we choose six

From: 李希贵:学校如何克服“教”文化,让孩子走向真正的学习?
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