Chinese care was the richest Chen Qiyuan couple carcinogenic storm: Former friends become enemies with each other. "overlord" Bieji

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original title: Chinese care Chen Qiyuan couple who have been the richest man in carcinogenic storm: Former friends become enemies with each other. "overlord" Bieji

the key moment of China's famous shampoo company overlord group.

1227 King founder million Yuhua" font-size: 16px; style= to 16px; "" the high court of Hongkong "font-size: sue 16px;" > will overlord group holding company "font-size: 16px; span>FS) liquidation.

2017 mid year report, FS60.12% shares Chen Qiyuan, President Wan Yuhua and Heroic Hour style= "font-size: held FS close to 26%, 25% Heroic Hour by the"

FSFSFS the most valuable asset is the ownership of the overlord group, which will undoubtedly cast a shadow over the future of the overlord group.

and he was informed by the news of 30.88% style= "font-size: 16px, 0.197 shares, has been temporarily suspended. It is worth mentioning that, 2009 years overlord group after the listing of the stock price soared, the total market value was as high as 64 billion. But to today, its market value is only 6.23 billion Hong Kong dollars.

million Yuhua holding company for the main reason is the liquidation and Chen Qiyuan separated by. According to foreign media reports, the overlord Group founder Chen Qiyuan and Wan Yuhua from the 2015 early separation, both sides dispute warming, this year 4 Chen Qiyuan filed with the high Court banned the sale of He Wentian Yuhua million luxury.

124FS Heroic Hour Limited (hereinafter referred to as "HH" 19657 new shares, equivalent to FS49.57%. Such a big rule

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