8 great Buddhas travel, turn the mountain and turn the water to the pagoda, only to meet you on the way!

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the latest circle of friends, a "Buddha system" wind,

everyone has sunk their own Buddha's life.

since thinking about the life of the Buddha system,

How can no travel of the Buddha department.

to Lhasa

mention the Buddha department travel,

the first thought of the city will be Lhasa,

this city full of religious atmosphere.

walk into Lhasa, in the sun,

the solemn see Potala Palace Millennium style.

walk into Lhasa,

lying on the meadow on the Lhasa River,

as if the extension of the hand can touch the blue sky.

walk into Lhasa,

must go around the Jokhang Temple,

here leaves a trace of years and pilgrims,

the long, long and distant trans canister everywhere.


into Lhasa, Namtso scenery intoxicated,

holy lake water blue shaking soul

the towering snowy mountains reflected in it,

is quiet and peaceful.



Seda the red bulguksa,

must be the choice that the Buddha department can't miss.

Red jingshe, blue sky, ascetic monk,

to keep you away from the noise of the city,

return to the peace of mind.

turn mountains and water to the pagoda,

here is also an boundless Buddhist law ocean,

here, you don't have to look for the Buddha department,

From: 8大佛系旅行地,转山转水转佛塔,只为途中与你相见!
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