Street | Selena was for "Bibb", Gigi Bella in the ugly way gone for ever?

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original title: Street | Selena was for "Bibb", Gigi Bella in the ugly way gone for ever?

to your favorite star street collection link, Garber, Taylor Sway, KEIA foght, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence...... A big boi beauty fashion is not affected with stars to wear the street!

come and see, what did they wear out of the street recently?

2017 December 18th, Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez) Losangeles go out to go out.

Selena Gomez in love (Selena Gomez) style change with her boyfriend, a white sweater + white shoe silhouette of the spirit of Bibb.

2017 December 21st, Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez) in Beverly Hills outside

rare does not emphasize the long legged cares (Kaia Gerber) - Gerber striped shirt + jeans retro out with quite advanced, stylish and elegant beauty of the old days.

2017 December 21st", Kaia Gbe (Kaia Gerber) went out in Losangeles.

2017 December 21st (Kaia Gerber, KEIA Garber) in Beverly Hills outside

queen of Spain Letizia (Letizia Ortiz) is a red Look through the handsome neat feeling, powerful gas field is the biggest help to prop up the clothes. ".

2017 year in December 21st the queen of Spain Letizia (Letizia Ortiz) on

in Madrid

Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) wearing a red Hoodie low-key appearance, bodyguards in the side began to close the umbrella anti paparazzi strategy.

2017 December 21st, Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) Miami go out to go out.

2017 December 20th, Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence) and Darren Aronofsky (>2017) went out in New York.

there is a wave of chic Look coming in front, coming together and turning over, who is the best of the week?!

From: 街拍| 傻脸娜被错认成“比伯”,Gigi贝拉在变丑路上一去不复返?
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