Temporarily can not afford also never mind, you should at least tell beauty

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original title: temporarily can not afford also never mind, you should at least tell beauty

What do you want to wear before the last weekend of


, if you are worried about what to wear for the next year, you can see 16 winter products we selected for you. They are selected from the fashion column GQ60 of Chile GQ.

has no suspense, and we find that the men's wear in this year is becoming more and more dress down. The tie is less, and the suit doesn't pay more attention to the dress material. It also says goodbye to the briefcase at work. The sports pants can also be put on the suit. The suit can be equipped with sweater, and even the baseball cap is upgraded to cashmere. Since the clothes are all started to be relaxed, then you should not be too burdened, so take a relaxed mood to meet the 2018.

shearer jacket

jeans shirt Corneliani trousers Canali Burberry leather shoes Burberry belt Boss

coat so warm,

the light of the inside is not related to

when we mention the sheared jacket, we always think of the image and temperament of a very man, or even the tough guy image of Statesman in Kingsman. Then we all chose the updated version of the shearer jacket. This winter classic single product has always been a hot and expensive single product, constantly deductive by designers. Of course, it is the most important thing to fit in, or it will really be a man with a sheepskin. This Kent & Curwen's pilot jacket is how to interpret it as a classic example of the present, and the collar uses the Shearer to keep warm. It can still choose the hard man's cowboy material to respond to it.

baseball cap

velvet double breasted three piece Berluti turtleneck wool hat Ermenegildo Zegna


don't think the baseball cap is a child's single,

once encountered the luxury material,

with a suit is also no problem

the T table of autumn and winter is full of baseball caps, and we are also thinking about the difference between the baseball caps on the T platform and the styles we know before. First, the update on the material has become the biggest highlight. Baseball caps are no longer only made of pure cotton. Leather, wool and cashmere have all become the main fabrics, adding a luxurious texture. The details are also more careful and how the brand is low - conceal to hide its own logo is also the designer's design. At the same time, the model can be mixed with the suit.

single breasted coat

single breasted Mohair coat collar clothes trousers are Valentino

the ingenious idea of

will not cover up the inside

we finally ushered in the year of the most can create a sense of the level of the season, but the double breasted coat tips tend to cover our collocation. Therefore, if you do not want your ride was mercilessly covered, so a single breasted coat is the best choice. At the same time in a single breasted coat dress also has tips you can try, it is with the three piece suit. Let us not only have a rich content of clothing, even if we wear a single vest, both from beauty to practicality have not been weakened.

tactile jacket

Loro Piana leather jacket Plaid vest Plaid suit trousers are Corneliani Uniqlo turtleneck leather sneakers Ermenegildo Zegna glasses Lindberg

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