CELINE language: early romantic wear doctrine

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original title: CELINE's early spring language: romantic realism

CELINE fashion language, always strong and chic integration is perfect. And in the early spring of 2018, CELINE adds romantic realism to it, presenting a simple modern fashion. It's a warm and charming grace that allows you to make your own unique style in early spring 2018.

does not follow blindly, does not flatter, not high sounding

is not mediocre and not proud of

CELINE has been leading fashion

with its own pace

2018 early spring

CELINE in romantic realism,

interprets the simplicity of modern trends

Bag early spring attitude

" - "Big Bag" is possible

in this early spring, CELINE gives Big Bag more possibilities. they are combined with the iconic elements of CELINE handbags, smooth calfskin, grain leather, soft without coating calfskin CELINE classic handbag leather crafted, different models for different size and application requirements, let Big Bag keep your "big" attitude. Bags have naturally become the favorite of many stars, often appear back or hand carrying Big Bag, gas field extraordinary.

& Big Bag Bucket Yuan Quan; the bucket with long straps smooth small cattle leather handbag

price: RMB 21500

* Ma Yili & Big Bag with long straps soft grain calfskin handbag

price RMB 22000

far more than these, more suitable for Asian stature also launched the first trumpet BIG BAG portable spring series, trumpet strap and bucket bag, made of whole piece of leather straps, a build more straightforward style.

"& Big Bag Bucket bucket smooth small cattle leather handbag

price RMB 21500

"Big Bag Bucket bucket with long straps smooth small cattle leather handbag

price: RMB 21500

WEAR "crossover" fashion

- put sexy and tough on

Oversized, knitting, printing, wool, tannin, silk, fur...... These elegant fashion elements will all appear in the early spring of CELINE. They follow not only the silhouette of men's coats, but also every detail of them, and there are sexy designs in them. This is true softness and softness.

Blazer uses a wide shoulder design to show a neutral style, but also subtly outline the waist line of women, walk the neutral line of you, there are always some warm charm fashion.

Oversized profile windbreaker with the first choice of lightweight Mackintosh rainproof windbreaker material, highlighting the fashion field capable of aura.

From: CELINE的早春语言:浪漫的实穿主义
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