Joker LPL spring draw: WE East West RNG King hegemony!

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original title: Joker LPL spring draw: WE East West RNG King hegemony!

, this evening, the LPL competition area has won the spring tournament draw ceremony next year. Because of the main and guest field system adopted this year, the 14 teams are divided into two East and west parts. The final ranking is as follows:

for this grouping, actually a lot of people have said the circle of power is still very average, but IG did not go to the west, or the west is absolutely true group of death, and this is known as the Milky Way battleship RW met the whole class RNG and IG completely, do not know the horse can run how far?

after the draw, Joker also made a wave of analysis and ranking of the group!

is specifically ranked as:

East competition area:








western area:








Why does

rank like this? In fact, Joker talked a lot about their own views, which he felt that although VG is not easy to return again to LPL, but can't really say the overall strength is very strong, although OMG go OMG this year old thief, but in some games, the road pre crash situation or not, so the old go for the whole the strength is not affected, the FPX front is because the predecessor is DAN, their performance before the game is very good; the west of the Milky Way battleship RW although a lot of people are not optimistic, but the doinb and smlz of the two strong double C, as long as the consumption of God to stabilize it, the state of single sword LGD it is not very stable, JDG doinb also want to have good grades?

don't know what you think about this wave of joker.

I'm afraid of poisonous milk, is it? return to the Sohu, see more


From: joker谈LPL春季赛抽签分组:东部WE称霸,西部RNG称王!
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