NB boss was exposed to salary, and Wang Sicong said he was able to make a TV play by his pit!

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original title: NB boss was exposed to salary, Wang Sicong said that he was able to make a TV play by his pit!

Beijing time on December 25th, friends @ blue tour is my hard-earned money in micro-blog broke the news: Anhui's richest man, the son of NB team boss Wang Yue in arrears of wages of employees in June. There is no way for employees to leave. It is also a problem for pregnant women to have children.

broke the news when the users in gaming circles also @ the Discipline Inspection Commission President wang.

but the surprise is that President Wang not only replied to the net friend, but also said he was also in the pit:

Wang Sicong said: "what this is, I can take a TV play by his experience."

little editor in the Internet later on the blue tour of the company, as expected to appear the news of President Wang.

In July 1st

2016, China Daily reported that Wang Sicong had invested 30 million in the blue tour. The headmaster has been a talking upright man, it seems likely the principal was pit more than this figure.

has not yet given a reply on the NB side. Don't know how to reply to Wang Yue will president Wang and the employee. return to the Sohu, see more


From: NB老板被曝欠薪水,王思聪直言被他坑的能拍电视剧!
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