Is it good for Chinese people to drink milk or drink soya bean milk?

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all said to eat good morning,

drink, of course, can not be careless.

> definitely choose a nutritious drink, ~

milk and soya milk,

the two big giant of the breakfast world,

some people like soya milk + sticks,

some people like milk + bread.

they all contain rich nutrition,

someone even compared soya milk to "plant milk".

that milk and soya milk which is better,


how to choose in the end?

milk VS soybean milk, which is better

ask milk, soya bean milk which is good, this is a bit like asking Tsinghua, which is strong.

the answer is: is not divided up and down, each has the good!

milk and soya bean milk are two different foods, each with advantages and disadvantages, such as


milk with high calcium, but low iron content;

Soybean Milk high iron content, but the content of

is low;

milk protein content is higher than Soybean Milk;

Soybean Milk saturated fatty acid content of milk is much lower than that of


Soybean Milk rich in unsaturated fatty acids, beneficial to cardiovascular health;

Soybean Milk is rich in dietary fiber, and almost no milk;

in a variety of vitamins and minerals, which each one has his good points.

that is,

milk and soy milk can not be substituted for each other on nutrients.

not only drinks milk, but also drinks soya milk,

can achieve the purpose of making up for short and balanced nutrition.

"Chinese residents' dietary guide" clearly points out that food should be diversified and also recommended:

intake per person per day should be 30~50 grams of soy or the equivalent amount of bean products (including Soybean Milk);

intake per person per day should be 300 ml of milk.

milk VS soya milk, which is suitable for you

to say milk, soya bean milk, which is good to drink, it is better to say which is more suitable for you. For individuals, or milk also has a difference in taste and tolerance.

is suitable for the people who drink milk:

need calcium supplement groups: rich in calcium in milk is 10 times the Soybean Milk. In addition, the fat soluble vitamins in milk can better promote calcium absorption. So, milk is more suitable for mending

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