On such a cold day, you should go to a cup of the best hot chocolate!

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the most warm heart in winter is nothing more than a cup of hot chocolate

at the beginning of the year, we did a Shanghai hot chocolate test. Nearly a year ago, there have been many changes in the chocolate market in Shanghai. Amedei shop", Neuhaus quit , and the recommended shop level has floating. When the cold wave is coming, it's time to cross the year. It's time to drink another wave of heat (a long wave of meat)!

the choice of shops, is still the to hot chocolate as the main products, not including the hot chocolate drink coffee as chicken ribs affiliated . However, in the star dad baking workshop in the teeth of the storm and skin ye Peet's Coffee, we are the way to taste.

last gave poor assessment of chain Godiva and Awfully Chocolate, is still not what progress, not included in the scope of the evaluation, the evaluation can be directly to see the old man evaluation stamp.


(rank in the same rank, in alphabetical order)

1 | recommended

Whisk by Steiff



| is not recommended

Blondel Choc Choco | Qiao Ke Qiao Kou

CHO-COLLECTOR food bean Market

Teuscher Slitti Leslie Ti


Peet's Coffe, Starbucks | leather coffee baking workshop

1 | recommended


in the past year, Angelina is also a hot chocolate industry leader in shanghai. the Niger Niger, Garner Ghana and C te d'Ivoire's Ivory Coast three African origin of cocoa beans, designed for Angelina blending together, the unique flavor of .

texture thick, can use a small spoon to drink, but do not like the Italian added starch hot chocolate is so thick, plump and evil taste. But the high sweetness , one drink cup is easy to complete even snore.

ice Qiao in fact, more amazing, sweetness is lower, flavor alcohol is not greasy. When Montblanc has to estimate clear, try the lemon tart , acidity is very high, is a typical French style, in addition to all the outside slightly hard pastry.

price: > traditional chocolate hot drink / traditional ice chocolate 68 yuan.

From: 这么冷的天,就该去点杯最好喝的热巧克力!
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