What needs to be changed is the critical parent

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original title: what needs to be changed is the critical parent

seems to be in any one China family on the child's" font-size: 16px style= critical; "> is a very common phenomenon, not being too picky parents from small to large people there is little.

before college, on learning achievement picky it should be a lot of the hearts of unspeakable pain.

even Saturday Sunday to interest classes are will be on is not motivated; but if a composition class, but never write worth was posted on the class wall model, will be said to be " It's a waste of money.

with the increase of age, = "font-size: style parent 16px;" > the critical point, will become more and more.

in fact, "font-size: 16px style= , are more likely to put children into giant baby".

and on the surface to see different, < span style= "font-size:" parents 16px; "> critical nature in fact, is a kind of meticulous care.

by all children picky about what is right, to inform them, what is wrong, but this is tantamount to directly kill the possibility of children to try.

when every child have the right to do "life choice" right, can someone just because the "font-size: style= " do not ", they have been told what options the answer is wrong.

in the course of time, the child will lose the ability of independent judgment, everything depends on the views," giant baby "," Ma Bao male "," female mother treasure "is being trained.

the day before, the social survey center of Chinese Youth Daily jointly

From: 最需要改变的,是挑剔的家长
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