The contamination of baby milk powder in France Rand rius was investigated, and the three brand and 43 batches were recalled in China

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original title: France Rand RIS baby milk powder was investigated, three brands and 43 batches of recall

in China

French dairy giant LACTALIS's baby milk powder incident is still in continuous fermentation, and the French government has officially stepped in.

Agence France-Presse reported on the 26 day that Rand RIS's problem milk powder has been confirmed to a number of countries such as China. Rand Chinese Riesz company 27, reply to the surging news ( said that at present the company has released 6 batches of milk powder samples to recall the joy of Liya Shanghai quality supervision and Inspection Institute of technology of Salmonella special inspection.

Rand Lanse China replied that according to the inspection report published by the Shanghai Quality Inspection Institute, the results of Salmonella bacteria in the sample were negative, and the sample was judged to be qualified. Shanghai quality supervision and Inspection Technology Research Institute on 28 day to surging news confirmed that Rand RIS China's testing report is true.

however, Rand RIS China says the current problem of the milk powder recall is still under way, and the number of the recalled products is not yet available.

previously, Rand rinis has confirmed that more than 40 batches of milk powder into the Chinese market, involving a maximum of 6560 cases.

Chinese Riesz Rand to confirm the surging news, in the Chinese recall involved a total of 43 batches, including 6 batches have been listed for sale of Xi Liya, 12 batches in the warehouse of Xi Liya, 12 batches in customs maniai, 6 batches of the sale of gift dolly, 7 batches in the warehouse give dolly. The submission is announced the recall has been listed Xi Liya milk.

national quality inspection administration in December 13th for the 3 milk brands into China France Rand Riesz group recalled to consumer tips that currently in general trade import and the completion of the inspection and quarantine procedures are a total of 32 batches, entering the sampling were not detected Salmonella, the inspection and quarantine agencies have urged importers to recall the product.

surging news reporter query Riesz China Rand found the official website, the group started in 2009 to set up offices in Chinese, and began to "Xi Liya" on 2011 (Celia) brand from France baby milk products to consumers Chinese.

the French issue of milk powder has attracted the attention of the relevant departments of China. In December 5th, Chinese CNCA issued a notice to suspend the Riesz Rand China in China registered qualification, state quality inspection administration has issued an emergency to domestic consumers consumer tips to remind consumers through overseas direct mail and other ways to buy the brand of the corresponding batch of products, please do not eat. In this regard, Rand RIS China replied that it is still actively communicating with the relevant departments of China.



detection report

according to the Agence France-Presse reported on December 26th, French prosecutors have begun to present Li Siqi Rand Salmonella contaminated infant formula under formal investigation case. The firm's global recall of its products is still under way.

, an unnamed investigator, told Agence France-Presse that the reason why the government carried out the investigation is that the tainted milk powder may cause personal injury or even threaten the lives of others. At the same time, there is also some drawback when the Rand Group is recalling products.

Rand RIS became a French listed company in 1992 and is now one of the largest milk and dairy companies in Europe.

12 1, Rand Group Riesz warned that its located in Mayenne craon factory production and packaging part of infant milk powder and food contaminated with Salmonella may, but the total amount of this batch of products may be more than 7000 tons. In December 8th, the group announced that it began to recall some of the batch of products.

, according to the Agence France-Presse, says the group has not yet fully controlled how many of the products have been sold around the world. However, the French side has confirmed that these batches of infant milk powder products have been sold to China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Britain and Sultan and other countries, and the impact is very difficult to estimate in a short time.

Nalet, a spokesman for

, said that it is not clear how many contaminated products have been consumed by consumers or how many contaminated products are still in the company's warehouse. In December 21st, lanris announced a more extensive recall plan to recall all infant formula and food produced or packaged after February 15, 2017. According to the recall statement issued by Rand RIS China, the recalled products are not sold in the Chinese market.

now, the milk powder has caused a number of sick babies in France, including severe diarrhea, stomach cramps and vomiting. Agence France-Presse quoted the statistics from the French public health department. Since August this year, a total of 35 infants infected by Salmonella have been infected in France, and 16 of them need to be hospitalized. Of the 35 sick babies, 31 were found to eat the lrris baby milk produced by the Kron factory.

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