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original title: what is hindering you to be better yourself? | self growth resistance assessment

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I met a girl at a friend's party and chatted about his career.

she shook her head: "no, I'm sure I can't learn, I have no academic background, I usually read little, and I lack natural cells to write content."

I found a lot of people like her, told myself not from the beginning: I am a girl, must be very hard to learn to drive a car; my achievement is not good, can not find a good job; I look so fat, how could learn to dance......

this" I am XXX, I can not do XXX "belief, let them set their own ceiling from their hearts, and step by step to make predictions come true.

is not really impossible, and it is very likely that you are subconsciously preventing yourself from doing it.

Why do you prevent yourself from being successful?

the typical "self handicapping" phenomenon, refers to the " a person in the face of some scene creates self uncertainty, in order to achieve the purpose of protecting self evaluation, a self protective mechanism ", it is a kind of unconscious behavior.

that sounds very unscientific, but it's always happening:

  • I'm not strong enough, so I can't do many things, so I don't have to force myself to jump out of comfort zone;

  • although today's work has been boasted of a few others, but this is just good luck, the next time I do not know can do better.

you are afraid of the unknown result, so give yourself a lot of "involuntarily" grounds, set a number of conditions, even if not done well, can also be said that this is not your true water level, if the result is good, can boast a.

defeating you is not reality, but self denial.

want to get rid of self handicapping, in addition to push yourself, allow yourself to try more unknown, more important is to recognize your how to set up their own obstacles, otherwise you more efforts may only be in the same place.

this may be the first step for you to take the road of growth, or the last step of your road to success.

self growth resistance assessment


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From: 是什么在阻碍你成为更好的自己? | 自我成长阻力评估
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