There are 40 days in this winter. What kind of food can keep warm for 40 days?

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original title: this winter is still 40 days, what kind of food can continue to warm for 40 days?

was surprised to see the age of keeping up with the season. It was not too sudden.

went out to work in the morning five years ago. He dares to buy a packet of milk directly in the market of the way, and sometimes he still has some ice residue and drink. The stomach is cooled by convulsions. Breakfast was eaten at home three years ago, with orange with milk. A year ago... A year ago I could also drink green tea on an empty stomach. Stomach it is made.

is very well maintained this year. It's not too much for a stomach disease in the winter, and it will consciously keep the stomach and body warm all the time. Think of the "warm" words that belong to the winter. Besides hot water and good soup, what are the elements to be extracted? Mutton, ginger, white pepper, pepper, and this bowl of soup will have the embryonic form. It is very simple to say that it is simple.

slightly spicy carrot mutton soup

raw material:

  • about 1 pounds, the best selection of multi rib boneless lamb meat (similar to bovine tendon texture) or lean lamb ;

  • Sweet raw materials: carrot 2 root, red date 5;

  • fishy spices used: 1 1 onion root, ginger, geraniol < / strong>2, 1 1 a star anise, cinnamon, caoguo 1 a

  • ;
  • Salt

    1 .

  • Xingshan taste for meat with sweet food collocation, the sweet sugar in the ingredients of osmotic pressure to "squeeze out" fishy smell, taste more sweet smell. With easy to have mutton odor fishy, I choose sweet food is carrots and red dates. The carrot is about two fingers in length. Only 5 red dates are needed, too much too sweet and 5 just right.

  • Fishy Flavor with more conventional, but caoguo suggests there are, and mutton flavor by comparison.

  • and the garlic, dry pepper, white pepper each has the spicy, in this soup... Put it all. I can't eat spicy chili can reduce weight, but the garlic and pepper is not recommended after reduction, both spicy is not spicy mouth stomach.


1. treatment of mutton

pan pour 1 porcelain spoon oil, fire hot, dry after washing, directly into the pot of mutton. Take the skin of the mutton with the skin or the more fat side down, and fry the medium small fire to the full color, and then fry the other side. If the selected parts are more fat, in this step, as small as possible, decoct the excess oil and fat, it is possible to decoct the oil from the lamb to increase.

is a piece of mutton fried, stewed sirloin and practices of different approaches but equally satisfactory results. this is to allow the mutton fiber as much as possible to stretch, Bixianqie and fry the taste much better.

* oil and water to the meat fishy means, how to operate is very flexible. for example Ningxia Tan sheep like better areas, mutton taste Xingshan light, I will directly into the frying pan. Touch on the heavy smell of mutton, boiled water is dry again into the frying pan, and next time not to buy the house (note book).

2. processing batching

carrots are cut into a uniform hob block: