Shanxi coal enterprises signed "common equity investment debt" 10 billion yuan debt to equity swap

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original title: Shanxi coal enterprises signed "ordinary equity investment debt" type 10 billion yuan debt to equity swap


Shanxi coal enterprises signed a 10 billion yuan RMB debt to equity swap project. Li Xinsuo's

new net Taiyuan 26 December (reporter Li Xinsuo) 26, one of the seven main coal enterprises in Shanxi, Jinneng group and Agricultural Bank Financial Assets Investment Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Nong Yin investment") signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Taiyuan. This is the first single participation of agricultural silver in the "ordinary equity investment repayment of debt" market debt to equity swap projects.

on the same day, Shanxi provincial SASAC, Shanxi provincial finance office, Nong Yin investment, Jinneng group and other representatives gathered in Taiyuan to witness another big list of Shanxi coal enterprises' marketization of debt to equity swap.

in the past few years, the debt ratio of coal enterprises in Shanxi is generally high, and the shortage of funds for industrial transformation and upgrading is larger. Since 2017, in the "coal production capacity", "supply side structural reform" and other multiple benefits, Shanxi coal enterprises recovery, out of the most difficult period.

a few days ago, Shanxi official data show that as of the end of November, the Shanxi provincial state-owned enterprises realized a total revenue of 1 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of 2.1%; a total profit of 12 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 29.8 times, the highest since 2013, the best performance.

here, Shanxi coal enterprises help the industry recover well, and actively push forward the marketization of debt to equity swap, so as to reduce the debt ratio and leverage level of enterprises, and to solve operational risks.

26 day, Jin Wei Group chief accountant can Zhenting and agricultural silver investment party committee Shen Kegong representing the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

according to the agreement, agricultural bank investment in stages and steps for Jinneng group to provide market debt to equity swap of 10 billion yuan RMB. At the same time, the investment of Nong Yin will provide the Jinneng group with the intent limit, and focus on its financial needs in deepening reform, transformation and upgrading, and reducing leverage.

Jinnong group introduced that this debt to equity swap is implemented by the way of "ordinary equity investment and debt repayment". After the project is landed, it will be the "first single" of Shanxi coal enterprises' marketization of debt to equity swap, and it is also the first marketed debt to equity swap project in China.

, it is understood that the investment of Nong Yin, a wholly owned subsidiary of ABC AG, was founded in August 1, 2017. It is one of the first implementing agencies in China's first banking sector, and is mainly engaged in market-based debt to equity swap and supporting businesses.

Author: Li Xinsuo

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