1 policy regulation, 2 house prices fell, 3 ring school district house fell 60 thousand, the real estate industry ushered in winter?

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original title: the 1 policy regulation, the 2 hand housing price drop, the 3 loop school district housing fell 60 thousand, the real estate industry usher in the winter.

introduction: the winter solstice has passed, and it is getting colder and colder in Beijing. Not to enter the twelfth lunar month, is not cold, but cold weather is not only, the Beijing property market has entered the winter.

housing enterprise stock you dare not want?

The price of the

frontline cities has always been the vane of the property market, especially the school district house. How expensive is the school room? Only parents can realize it! Some parents to buy school district room no, even fake divorce. Remember in September 21st this year, *ST Ningtong B sold two sets of school district rooms to save the company, keep the shell, it seems that the school room is really expensive!

(September 21st, *ST Ningtong B issued a notice that the company transferred the 11 building of Huai Bai Shu street, Xicheng District, Beijing, by the way of public listing, through the Beijing property exchange, -201, 202 and two sets of real estate. The listing price is no less than the value of the real estate that has been recorded.

if you think 2 sets of real estate for a fast delisting of listed companies only for pocket money, it is naive. According to the first half year earnings report issued by *ST Ningtong B, the company only realized 835 million yuan of business income, and realized the net profit attributable to the owner of the company B -2110.91 million yuan. If there is no accident, next year the company will be properly bid farewell to the majority of the people's friends.

combustible goose, in fairy tales, "normal" is always eaten by a dog like a meat bun. According to the Chinese Asset Appraisal Co., assessment report, as of the valuation date of July 31, 2016, the two sets of Nanjing in 2004 by *ST B in the purchase of 2 million 147 thousand and 100 yuan, after depreciation after the net book value of 1 million 297 thousand and 400 yuan of the total property, the assessed value of 22 million 726 thousand and 200 yuan, increasing the value of the amount of 21 million 428 thousand and 800 yuan, value-added rate of 1651.68%, perfect the coverage of this year's losses).

since 3. 17 this year since the regulation of the Beijing property market, less than a year, Beijing's property market has undergone dramatic changes. Even Beijing three ring school district room, now the unit price is less than 60 thousand.

12 25, the latest data from a number of real estate research institutions showed that as of mid December, the volume of new and second-hand housing in Beijing was still in the doldrums. From the statistical data, Beijing second-hand housing market price overall callback more than 10%, more than 8 of the second-hand housing market price reduction.

, the average price of the school district near the Changchun Street subway is maintained at 140 thousand yuan / square meter. The intermediary price indicates that the highest price of the housing area is 160 thousand yuan / square meter, and the callback is 20 thousand yuan / square meter. The callback range is not too large.

is worth noting that a set of 150 square meters of three bedroom school district room near the North Third Ring is 9 million yuan, that is, the price of 60 thousand yuan per square meter. According to an intermediary, high price, low price of the house, there are nearly 500 thousand yuan price space. Zhichun Road, Haidian, Zhongguancun Huangzhuang near the school district housing, the average transaction price of about 110 thousand yuan / square meters, compared to the highest point correction of 20% or more.

China by the CASS Institute of finance strategy, and the competitiveness of the city Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Center released on the 25 "Chinese housing market development monthly analysis report" shows that in November, China first-tier cities housing prices stopped rising, Beijing prices have declined for 7 consecutive months.

According to the November 2017 big data house price index,

has seen a drop in housing prices in the first tier cities. Beijing and Shanghai continue to fall. Guangzhou and Shenzhen are also closing. However, four first tier cities have not yet fallen in the same period of the same period last year. In November, house prices in Guangzhou were still up 46.82% over the same period of the previous year.

concern is that Beijing housing prices have fallen for 7 consecutive months, the cumulative decline from the highest point in April to November 15.5%, Beijing in April the median price is 63647 yuan / square meters, in November of second-hand housing transaction price was dropped to 56078 yuan / square meters, the cumulative decline of 7569 yuan / square meters.

Beijing property market cooling, second-hand housing prices fell, this is the comprehensive effect of multiple regulatory policies. And the price of the trade is low, which in turn makes many landlords hesitate to break away and miss the mobile phone. Near the end of the year, it was found that real buyers were not in fact many, and they had to cut prices. However, many seemingly lower prices of second-hand housing, in fact, compared with last year is still a significant increase, no more than the profit space narrowing. In any case, the price reduction shows that the second-hand housing landlord has shaken the future price trend. It is expected that many cities will follow along with the falling price of house prices in the first tier cities.

does not seem to have gone up in Beijing, not only in Beijing, but also in the other front-line cities. According to the rule, the fall of house prices is also a huge impact on many Real Estate Company, but the performance of the housing companies is very bright.

as of the beginning of December, housing prices have been 9 published before 2017 November sales, the

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