Is Huaxi Village a freak or a miracle? Will "the first village of the world" be broken down by 38 billion 900 million liabilities?

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original title: is Huaxi Village a freak or a miracle? Will "the first village of the world" be broken down by 38 billion 900 million liabilities?

land Ping Kuang, like houses, a fine of Sangzhu pool. Qianmo traffic, with. Among them, men and women are dressed as outsiders. Old and young, and contented and happy."

this is Tao Yuanming's "Peach Blossom Spring", one is the eyes of the ancients, the envy of the the Peach Garden. In the new era, the expectation of the Peach Garden is another scene.

many people think that Huaxi Village is a model of modern the Peach Garden: "sharing cars, living villas, deposits tens of millions", especially the golden Taurus built by the first ton of gold, many people envy it. But not long ago, Huaxi Village's debt of 38 billion 900 million, the news that went to the brink of bankruptcy triggered a hot debate.

to this end, Wu Xieen, Secretary of the Party committee of Huaxi Village, also had to convene a temporary village meeting, and received a media interview to clarify the rumor. "How are we doing in Huaxi Village? Our Westerners are most aware of what is out there, and let them say that we Chinese Westerners do their things well,"

, a village that has been accompanied by controversy, a lot of people in the eyes of the weird, a lot of people in the eyes of the miracle, in December 26th, we come to talk about Huaxi Village.


's famous "township enterprise"

what are we talking about when we talk about Huaxi Village?

Huaxi Village is one of the old secretary Wu Renbao, this is the spiritual leader of Huaxi Village, even if it has died, but its influence is still in. The other is Huaxi Group, which is the main body of Huaxi Village's business. Whether it's a luxury car, a villa or a deposit, it is also the dividend of Huaxi Group.

In 80s

Wu Renbao in the last century, the Jiangyin party secretary position, give up the opportunity of promotion, returned to Huaxi Village, led the villagers to get rich, can become a favourite tale. "In 70s, 80s, 90s from factory built city", Huaxi Village became the richest man in the village.

The end of

1993, Huaxi Group officially founded by Huaxi Group, the new village of Huashi town Jiangyin village committee wholly owned, businesses include real estate, steel, textile, tourism, finance and other industries. Huaxi Village party secretary concurrently Huaxi Group Chairman, the first chairman of the old secretary Wu Renbao, the current chairman is Wu Renbao Wu Xieen's fourth son, and many relatives and friends are in Wu Huaxi Group positions.

Huaxi Village became one of the most famous township enterprises in China by Wu Renbao. And Wu Renbao also became famous in Huaxi Village. In 2005, Wu Renbao served as the cover person and boarded the Time magazine.


how Huaxi Village is made of

some people say that Huaxi Village is a freak, some people say that Huaxi Village is a miracle, the famous industry is huge, but the famous township enterprises in addition to the name of the village, the other well-known industry is not much, even the listed holding company of Huaxi shares (000936.SZ), listed companies in the same industry also mediocre. is known to know that Huaxi Village has been rich under the leadership of Wu Renbao, but does not know how rich it is.

Fu Yugang, a researcher at

Shanghai Institute of Finance and law, described the core competitiveness of Huaxi Village in his column, which is excellent financing channel:


(1) the "credit rationing" with low nominal cost and high rate of return is a non marketable means and channel for the "credit rationing" in actual operation. Huaxi Village is firmly based on the collective economy, so it has also obtained the same credit treatment as the state owned enterprises. This means that as long as the business is not too poor, it can gain more than the average level of the market.

in Huaxi Village not only obtain credit costs relatively low, while the land resource is cheap. Since 2001, more than 20 villages have been annexed in Huaxi Village, and Huaxi Village has rapidly expanded from 0.92 square kilometers to 35 square kilometers .

, because in the current two yuan system of urban and rural land, if Huaxi Village wants to get the land needed for the development of enterprises, it must occupy state owned land resources, which need to be purchased from the government. But through the action of merging villages, the land of those villages will become an asset of Huaxi Village automatically, and the name of "developing collective economy" makes it legitimate to use collective land. The cost of land is extremely low.

(3) another big magic weapon for Huaxi Village to continue to obtain funds is the pattern of income distribution. their cash flow pressure has been reduced by "less distribution, more accumulation, less cash and more stock".

where the village enterprise workers, per person per month to receive only 30% of the wages, the remaining 70% enterprises exist as liquidity, to the end of a one-time cash. employees' bonuses are usually three times the salary, but they are not sent to employees.

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