Deng Chao is not afraid of children "lose in the starting line", net friend: your son has been born and won!

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original title: Deng Chao is not afraid of children "lose at the starting line". Net friend: your son has already won by birth.

the day before, Deng Chao interviewed by the media, talked about the education of the children said: " I now do not give any compensation and so on is sports, extracurricular classes, let him thoroughly enjoy his childhood, lose lose at the starting line at the starting line, I want to keep a good and so on.

"lost the starting line of what", it sounds extremely elegant and valuable, but different people have different taste it. The identity of the child believes that the child's free nature should be protected. opponents think that Deng Chao has a good fame and wealth, and so on, and so on, the starting line is afraid that many people will end up with the end of his life. up

they do their best to get their children to win the starting line, only to achieve the intergenerational rise of the class.

release nature and so on and Deng Chao, images from network

but for such as born in the star family, regardless of the future to make what kind of choice, not due to live a good life, so Deng Chao's speech will make people feel somewhat hypocritical.


in recent years, the urgency of" not lose at the starting line "has made early intellectual development the hottest topic of education, and has led countless parents to go back to the road of anxiety and choice barriers. many foreign educational experts are very vigilant for launching intellectual development program artificially and early.

three years old is absolutely absolute?

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when children were born, they had accumulated a lot of knowledge and possessed corresponding abilities. they will think, observe, experience, find the key, and even be able to calculate.

yes, because many people in accept the "window of time". They think that if we miss this stage that cannot be copied, education may not be effective.

from Germany's University of Ulm brain research expert Manfred professor Spitzer pointed out that many research results on the brain are misunderstood or interpret out of context.

he thinks of course there is a so-called" window of time ", but we do not yet know the exact opening and closing time of these windows. > for example, the ability to look at a three-dimensional picture should be available before five, otherwise it may be a hindrance to the cultivation of space feeling. But, we are

From: 邓超不怕孩子“输在起跑线”,网友:你儿子生下来就已经赢了!
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