For what? I spend 30 thousand of my shoes, you say I'm a fat chasing fat guy

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original title: why? I spend 30 thousand of my shoes, and you say I'm a fat chasing

empty wallet you master.

in Beijing Sanlitun or Shanghai new world, every year, the outbreak of a strange phenomenon: 9 people wearing the shoes as like as two peas 10 men, but to the next spring, and these shoes will suddenly disappear.

this kind of sports shoes, whose lifetime is less than 1 years, is called

because for second years, even you are embarrassed to put them on their feet again.

no one is wearing this year.

in the new year is approaching, in order not to let the old man in a Shaolie Du 4 out of the 2017 year "double shoes", Flop for different reasons, the following:

Du is here seeking Kanye West to let go of the fashion circle.

the first YEEZY 750, to 350, to 950, to 350 V2, a year YEEZY to wash the brain unshakable global youth, from the sale price of 1899 to 6000 to fry outrageous they would not hesitate dig the pockets.

is this pair of Sneaker YEEZY continues to dominate the market, so that the loss of adidas has been re energized, and return to the forefront of the market and Nike.

adidas said: "YEEZY BOOST 350" has adopted the latest running shoes technology, the big bottom, the vamp knitting uses the cutting piece, the foot wrist radian is fluent, and it fits the ankle completely. "

Senior YEEZY collectors said, "the prominent arc of the position of the 350 V2 shoe heel comes from the giant hip contour of the Kardashian, and the upper foot has soft and elastic shit. "

but these shoes were designed by Lining, and none of the 120 pieces would be required.

first, YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 is really not good:

350 V2 BOOST YEEZY Du less think only ankle fine black lines, tight leg wear is the best way to see the white and yellow is actually very difficult to master the desert folk.

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