The most worthy of the annual meeting is not the velvet skirt? Without these 3 elements you lose!

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Hello company at the end of a year of hard everyone ~ "once a year than secretly meeting" is coming, what do you want to wear this fight well?

Come on! Don't say what the little black white red dress skirt, today 'sister teach you a few tricks to make your dress senior and brisk, regardless of your home will be the Dress Code what is the following, as long as you dress suction eye elements accounted for a great effort to win!

No1. elegant and bright Lurex, put the galaxy into

The models on the

Net-a-porter 17 autumn and winter posters are all wearing a silver fabric of Bling Bling, which looks advanced and fashionable.

makes it look very advanced is an important indicator of the dress, and it is said that many people in the Luxury fabric will say the hottest velvet this year. Sister Bali bet you that there must be 8 velvet in ten skirts at this year's meeting. Do you want to choose?

'sister today so recommend to you recommend a kind of fabric, it is more low-key yet advanced sequins, velvet so fragile. Elegance, bright eye and warmth are definitely the best parties at the end of the year.

, its name is Lurex. Chinese people are more accustomed to calling "gold and silver filaments". In the popular trend report released recently by Pinterest, Lurex plays a decisive role. The fabric made of it has gorgeous luster and dreamy visual effects.

, which originated in the United States in 1950s, became popular in 70s and first appeared on the ballroom, old fashioned sweaters and silk stockings.

this year, in addition to vogue velvet, many brands also love the Lurex.

TIBI 2017 autumn and winter series

Jill Stuart 2017 spring and summer series

In addition to the

, there are rainbow colored gold and silver, and the strong ornament is very much to the appetite of the Gucci.

sexy Jane miss Birkin who loves to wear a hollow Lurex blouse, lazy gorgeous ultimate sexy like her own temperament.

recently changed a new color Kim to get a bare - colored Lurex dress in INS, and it seemed to have a rare light beam running on her.

looks luxurious fabrics Balmain of love, 2018 preview blockbusters will tell you to find the two sisters you may wear was invincible in Party!

finally has a very important point. Soft Lurex will shine like the Milky way under the night light, and it can also be more beautiful with the foundation of your foundation along with the change of the body curve.

TL-180 2018 spring and summer series

No2. wants romantic immortals to point high feathers

feather element is usually setting standard, advanced dress sense as long as the wear model with the elements in the feather clothing, instantly with soft, beautiful and elegant sanctity.

but since last year, feathers have begun to appear in ordinary garments.

Marchesa 2017 autumn and winter series <

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