The most unremarkable place on the pig is more nourishing than the bird's nest. But few people know it!

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in daily life, many people buy back the skin of pork,

customary to cut off the skin and discard it.

> is a great waste,

pigskin in addition to made delicious jelly,

also has the effect of beauty Yang rong!

, and more than 90% of pigskin is macromolecular collagen and elastin, because the collagen contained in pigskin can slow down the aging of body cells. Therefore, often eating pig skin or pig's hoof, there is a delayed aging, the role of beauty .


Qiangjin Zhuanggu:

the collagen contained in the pigskin is a nutrient that can not be lacking in the bone and tendon of the human body. It also helps to strengthen the growth of nails and hair.

improve immunity:

beauty beauty:

collagen rich in pigskin can nourish the skin, strengthen skin cells to absorb and store moisture, make the skin less dry and wrinkle, and become more smooth, rich and full.

vitamin supplement:


many people love to eat jellied meat,

do the jellied meat a variety of ingredients,

is a kind of a pig to do jellied meat.

cooked broth in the bowl, put on the window sill, soon condenses into crystal band of jelly, fresh and greasy. In addition to the taste of the enjoyment of the pig skin frozen beauty, supplementation of collagen, than eating bird's nest is also nourishing!

said want to do good,

there is a little trick here oh ~

this is to teach everyone!

pigskin jelly, so do not only skin greasy, crystal appearance and you need.

into the boiling pot to pigskin pigskin with chopsticks can penetrate, so easy to scrape pig grease.


scrape the pigskin oil after scraping the pig skin cut, again put into a clean pot boiling, thoroughly remove the oil.


crystal pig skin


ingredients: pork skin, onion, ginger, salt, eight

From: 猪身上最不起眼的地方竟然比燕窝更滋补!但却很少人知道!
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