The 20 stories you and IKEA have to say in those years

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original title: in those years, you and IKEA had to say 20 stories of


stars, elk pan, Luotela string holder,

is the necessity of Christmas;

29 yuan, 39 yuan stool 79 yuan tea table, carpet,

is the necessity of a person's life;

his Billy bookcase, her love pillow,

little friend's rocking Trojan,

is the need for the three people to live...

IKEA came to China for 20 years,

is so in a number of "necessary",

makes our life better.

at the weekend we collected many readers from # me and IKEA # and , we selected 20 wonderful stories and share, the top 10 winning stories share will get value < /strong>300 yuan IKEA shopping card Oh

# me and IKEA

# Award


hee, this is the product that the continental IKEA does not have: the small blue bag! When you go to school in Hongkong Sha Tin, the next door is IKEA, where the most is the bag, come back for 3 years and always take it as... Buy a vegetable pocket - really can be back, can carry, can wash and sturdy. At last it's a little old, and I hope that Shanghai IKEA can also introduce this good blue blue!


when he came to see him in Shanghai, his mother came, and we were forced to go to a hotel next to us. After he had fallen asleep, he got up from the bed, lit the Christmas tree in the room, and said, happy Christmas.


2016, his colleagues found sexual orientation, gossiping, squeezed out and spent a very dark day. No friends, careless work, home is also lazy to clean up, the haze of Beijing, make that winter seems extraordinarily long. Suddenly want to cheer up after the spring, began to clean up the house, throw away a lot of unnecessary things, clean the house always feel like a good start. Read, learn, and drink lemon water. IKEA's cups and bottles make life more ceremonial, one's little world is rich, and the outside world goes to the fuck.



my dad likes to buy records, and there are 8 Billy CD shelves in the house. When I was a child, I liked to hear it secretly and put it back before dad went home. Now, I've also started collecting records, and the ninth Billy will be filled with me.

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