English CET 46, really will put into compulsory English?

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original title: English CET 46, really will put into compulsory English?

The 46 level test in

2017 has been over for more than a week, and the referenced students' spying revelry has become the past time.

But micro-blog

rumors spread wide a "next year 46 exam will become compulsory oral" has become a hot topic for many students.

and Dr. Chen were born in the same year. Do you have any vitality for the English class 46 test on his 30 birthday?

what will the future direction of the 46 level reform be? Is it necessary to join the oral test compulsory project?

"46 2018 oral examination"?

I'm afraid the actual conditions do not allow

46 next year will be compulsory oral ", this message is in micro-blog is the source of fire, a number of media follow-up report back after the news, a notice of a university in the school is released:

(source: micro-blog campus)

, in fact, the 46 level oral test has just undergone a reform in 2016. As long as we sign up for the 46 level written test, we can register for the oral test at the same time, and we will no longer stipulate the score limit for the 46 grade oral test. Meanwhile, the oral performance will also be marked on the transcript.

This new

greatly enhance the importance of the 46 grade oral exam, in fact in the reform before most of the students had 46 of the test will not be superfluous to oral exam registration.

's increasing attention to listening and speaking assessment is one of the major reforms of the 46 level examinations. The rumors about the 46 level of 2020 will be thoroughly overhaul.

CET-4 oral exam content

So a lack of original micro-blog pictures can be attracted to the country according to the student's attention

this is why, even the newspaper and other mainstream media have issued a document specifically to verify the reason: everybody is not sure this is not a well-informed foresight, do not know should be accordingly to change their examination plan.

in fact, if you experience the 46 spoken English test site will be able to understand, this is basically a false message make groundless accusations.

took the oral test in the end of 11 2017 as an example. The whole province of Hebei has only one test place in Shijiazhuang.

(source: Huai News Network)


exam ten minutes, hundreds of people in a classroom test, but is also open, hundreds of people began almost simultaneously jiligula said excitedly in the headset in the examination room couldn't hear clearly what he was talking about.

, with the reference number less than 46 written test and 1/3 of the written examination, the examination organization has been so confusing. If all the candidates sign up together, how exciting is the scene?

46 as two each year, more than 9 million candidates to participate in the "big test" each time, within half a year to meet all candidates at the same time to participate in the oral test facilities now does not have the possibility of good construction within six months, also very little.

CET-4 oral exam content

, if the education department really intends to promote the oral test to the whole country, it will also start from the North Canton. If we want to enroll the national candidates to register for the 46 level next year, we will have to test oral English. It will cause serious confusion in the examination organization work.

The 46 level spoken English test at present can only be considered as the test and exploration stage at most, and there is still a considerable distance from the wide acceptance of the society and the large-scale popularization of


46 level test, how to get rid of

is getting more and more chicken ribs' fatality

in fact, and the "46 compulsory spoken" event of public opinion almost happened several times in recent years.

a year ago in December 2016, the province of Anhui to stop the test level 46 news has attracted considerable attention of the candidates, the news under the brush tens of thousands of comments and forwarding attracted national media widely.

a few days in Anhui province is to explain, they stop is for the community PETS (National English test) examination, rather than college students to participate in the CET-4/6 (grade 46) examinations, write news reporters get the two confused.

(source: micro-blog @ Anhui Provincial Education Office)

and such a rumor can always be believed by the public, because the organization and level of the 46 level examination are not recognized by the society.

, any large-scale social assessment examination, we must achieve the standardization of examinations. If the students from different places and universities fail to do the exams under the same conditions, the fairness of the examination will be questioned by the society.

and the current test points for the 46 level test are all high

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