Joker shows why Abu chose RAY rather than Gimgoon: because he had dropped!

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original title: Joker burst on why Abu chose RAY rather than Gimgoon: because he had dropped the level!


end of the LPL spring tournament draw ceremony, the 2018 season will be in January 15th next year started, now all of the list are released, in the face of the upcoming new season situation, recently Joker also made a wave analysis, and Joker in the broadcast also broke the news about EDG in the selection of a thing.

joker said that after EDG put mouse, he thought Gimgoon was a good choice, but eventually EDG chose ray instead of Gimgoon. Why? He also asked EDG's Abu.

Abu said this is mainly on account of gimgoon had let the team out into the LSPL, and RAY have been in North America's top league, so EDG is more good-looking resume good occupation player, of course because RAY has served in EDG, there is no chance to play before, now have the opportunity, so in comparison, RAY is a better choice.

said that although the two players will do less well, but as a team manager, it is natural to weigh in. In fact, from the current state of view, RAY is a carry type single player, and before the mouse is different, it appears that the new season of EDG is to change, at least before this system needs to carry on the stocking on the road more change, after all in the new revision of the LOL, the fight is the kingly way!

but for this wave, the Joker estimate is to forget the last left fog. return to the Sohu, see more


From: joker爆料阿布为何选择RAY而非Gimgoon:因为他曾掉过级!
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